New PrepMe (Online) SAT Preparation is offered through Naviance

We are excited to introduce a vital step in your academic planning: Naviance Test Prep – an interactive source of improvement on any purchased Naviance Test Prep module: SAT, ACT and AP exams. Naviance Test Prep will analyze your current standing for each test and personalize a study guide to assist you in enhancing your test scores. 

Naviance Test Prep allows you to: 

  • Plan a study schedule according to your test date or when you wish to be fully prepared
  • Determine and strategize your test readiness to success
  • Review necessary knowledge for each exam through lessons, flashcards, practice questions and tests
  • Enjoy the Game Center while boosting your test-taking strategies

 Over time, you will be able to track your progress and performance in order to adhere to your goals.

 We hope that you will find this Student Quick Guide  and student video helpful. The link for the student video: 

 If you have questions about Naviance Test Prep, please contact your Guidance Counselor.