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    Sign Up Meeting
    Thursday, February 22nd at Dismissal 
    Room B-3
    Clothing Store
    January 22nd - February 3rd
    Link: https://www.sneakersplus.com/teamsproductslist.aspx?teamID=1453
    Winter Workouts 
    -Workouts will be Jan. 20, 2017 thru Feb. 24, 2015 (6 weeks)

     -Workouts will be Saturday mornings 11:30 am – 1 pm

     -The workouts will consist of SPEED AND AGILITY WORKOUTS as well as BASEBALL SPECIFIC drills and workouts.

     -Hitting and pitching instruction will also be included as part of the baseball specific drills.

    $15 Per. week - $90

    Langan Sports

    1750 Brielle Ave Unit C

    Ocean, NJ 07712 

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