• Welcome to Spanish 2, 3, 3 Honors and 4. Please read the attached letter for class expectations, grading policies and more. 

    Queridos estudiantes,

    I hope that you all had an enjoyable and safe summer break.  I am so happy to be here at Shore Regional and look forward to our shared experience this year!  I will do all that I can to create a positive learning environment for you. I will aspire to treat you fairly and consistently.

    I hope that you will find the experience fun, enjoyable, exciting and challenging.  Learning a world language requires work and energy from the language learner, but it is an important life skill and fun too! The following are the expectations I have for you:

    Classroom Rules: 

    1. Participate in the target language: SPEAK SPANISH in the classroom (and outside) as much as possible.  The most important part of language is COMMUNICATION.  If you make a few mistakes, but your listener understands you, then you are speaking Spanish!  
    2. Be respectful: LISTEN! You will learn a great deal from not only me, but from your fellow classmates.  Spanish class will be very interactive, so it is extremely important to always be a respectful listener.
    3. Be responsible for your own learning: Ask questions and/or come for extra help (upon appointment) as soon as you begin to feel lost.
    4. Be prepared: Come to class prepared and ready to have fun. Choose your attitude!

    Guidelines and Procedures 

    1. Bring learning materials and a charged Chromebook to class every day.

    Students will need:

    • A 1” 3-ring binder divided into four sections:

    (1) La Unidad (notes from current unit); 

    (2) Trabajo de Clase (classwork); 

    (3) Mi Progreso (mi progress); 

    (4) Apuntes Usados (used/past notes)

    • 1 pocket folder for class handouts (can be part of the binder)
    • Earbuds
    • Dry erase marker/eraser
    • Writing utensil (working)
    1. No eating is permitted in class. Only water is permitted. 
    2. Cell phones are to be turned off and placed in the “bolsillos” at the beginning of class.
    3. Evaluation:                                                            CP            Honors
    1. Language Practice                                                  25%         15%  (Homework, VHL, Duolingo, Participation, etc.)
    2. Performance Assessment                                        35%         40% (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
    3. Quizzes                                                                 25%         25%
    4. Tests                                                                    15%          20%


    1. All work will be posted to Google Classroom. No credit is given for unexcused late work. 
    2. Make-ups:        If you…..
    • are present when an assessment is announced you are expected to complete the task on the designated day.
    • are absent when an assessment is announced you may have an extra day before completing the task.
    • are present when an assessment is announced and absent when it is given you will complete the task immediately upon returning to class.
    • miss a class as a result of an early dismissal, tardy, field trip, or in-school activity you are responsible for obtaining the work. It is expected that you are prepared immediately upon returning to class barring special circumstances.
    1. You are responsible to contact me regarding any special circumstances. It is expected that you complete all tasks when absent.  It is your responsibility to determine the tasks that you missed. Assignments are announced in class and posted to Google Classroom. You must email me once late work is completed or I will not know to check it. 
    2. Additional assistance: Please email me to set up an appointment: lseise@shoreregional.org. 

    I am very excited for this school year!  I hope that you become enthusiastic about learning Spanish because I can’t wait to learn from you too. I look forward to getting to know you, using Spanish and growing together.



                                                       Señora Seise