The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program is a future-ready program that builds students’ inquiring mindset, fosters their desire to learn, and prepares them to excel at their careers and lead meaningful lives.  
    The IB curricula offers students an academically rigorous high school experience. Shore Regional has been an authorized International Baccalaureate World School since 2007. Proudly, we are one of only 14 public high schools in the state of New Jersey offering this high-quality education program. Today, our students can enroll in either the entire IB Diploma Program or take individual courses for certificates that may translate into college credits. At the heart of the IB Diploma Program are three distinctive requirements: students must be actively involved in creative, physical, and service-based (CAS) projects, write an extended essay on the subject of their choice working with an adviser, and complete a course entitled "Theory of Knowledge" (TOK).  
    One major difference between the IB Diploma Programme and other advanced courses is the standards-based and comprehensive assessment model. Instead of being evaluated on one exam, students' IB scores are based on a number of assignments and exams (called "papers") throughout the two-year program. Students are assessed through Internal and External Assessments.
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    To learn more about the IB Program, please see the international organization's website: http://www.ibo.org or contact Vanessa Miano, our IB Coordinator, for specific information about Shore Regional High School's program.  Kindly e-mail her at vmiano@shoreregional.org.