Shore Regional High School District

International Baccalaureate World School

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Ninth grade Honors placement information for 2016-2017 is included here
Honors placement exams will be administered on these dates:
Biology - Monday, March 6th
Biology (make-up date) - Tuesday, March 7th
English I - Wednesday, March 8th
English I (make-up date) - Thursday, March 9th
Spanish II - Monday, March 13th
Spanish II (make-up date) - Tuesday, March 14th
World Cultures - Wednesday, March 15th
World Cultures (make-up date) - Thursday, March 16th
Algebra II - Tuesday, May 2nd
Algebra II (make-up date) - Thursday, May 4th  
For students who need to take one or more make-up Honors placement exams, their parents/guardians will need to contact Mrs. Kara Martin at (732) 222-9300 X 2100 to confirm their attendance.
Notification of Honors placement will be mailed to the student's parent/guardian in July of 2017.