• Ninth grade Honors placement information for 2019-2020 is included here. 
    In lieu of signing eighth grade students up for Honors placement exams during the registration process, by Friday, January 31st, we ask that you sign your eighth grader up for Honors placement exams by accessing the link posted under Site Shortcuts on the Shore Regional High School District website. 
    Notification of Honors placement will be mailed to the student's parent/guardian in July of 2020.
    Honors placement exams will be administered on these dates:
    Biology - Monday, March 2nd
    Biology (make-up date) - Tuesday, March 3rd
    English I - Wednesday, March 4th
    English I (make-up date) - Thursday, March 5th
    Spanish II - Monday, March 9th
    Spanish II (make-up date) - Tuesday, March 10th
    World Cultures - Wednesday, March 11th
    World Cultures (make-up date) - Thursday, March 12th
    Algebra II - Tuesday, May 5th 
    Algebra II (make-up date) - Thursday, May 7th