• SOTM Crest 2015

    Rationale:  By creating a Student of the Month Program, Shore Regional hopes to celebrate individual achievement by creating a culture of learning that values academic success, as well as elevates awareness of student contributions to the Shore community at large.


    Criteria for nomination: A Shore Regional teacher, administrator, or guidance counselor may nominate a student for Student of the Month based upon any or all of the following criteria:


    o   Outstanding grades

    o   Marked improvement in grades

    o   Exemplary attendance

    o   Cooperation

    o   Leadership

    o   Overall achievement 

    o   Consideration to others

    o   Academic curiosity

    o   Outstanding attitude/School spirit 

    o   Community involvement/service

    o   Other: _______________________


    The nomination form will also require a written explanation as to why the student should be selected for the award.  Teachers are encouraged to consider the students’ contributions up to that point, rather than a specific start and end date timeline.



    1.)    An e-mail is sent out to the faculty and administration asking them to nominate students to be considered for the Student of the Month award.  Nominations will be submitted through this webpage.


    2.)   A committee made up of faculty members convenes roughly two days prior to the announcement.  Every faculty member will have the opportunity to join the committee in September.

    3.)   The committee will select one male and one female student from the nominees.  ONLY JUNIORS AND SENIORS ARE ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE THE AWARD.

    4.)  SOTM award recipients will be announced by the principal via loudspeaker on the first Thursday of the following month.


    5.)   SOTM recipients will be celebrated during the following month after the announcement is made (e.g., throughout the month of October,“September SOTM” will be celebrated).


    a.      Recipients will be recognized in the following ways:

                                                                 i.     Certificate of Commendation

                                                               ii.     Names posted on the Route 36 marquee

                                                             iii.     Names and bios posted on the school website

                                                             iv.     Names and bios featured in the school and community newspapers

                                                               v.     Photographs displayed in front lobby and main office

                                                             vi.     Honored by the Board of Education during a public session in May


    1.)   Once selected by the SOTM committee, the name of the students will be passed onto administration for  final approval.  Administration may reject the committee’s selection because of disciplinary issues, attendance concerns, etc.  In this case, the committee will consider another candidate.  


    2.)  The committee may also approach the teachers of the students selected for that month.  This is to ensure that the best candidate is selected and that there are no underlying issues throughout his/her daily schedule.


    3.)  Students who are selected as SOTM will not be able to earn the award again that school year.


    4.)  Nominations will carry over from month to month, and re-nominations are welcome.


    5.)  SOTM can be awarded only to Juniors and Seniors.


    6.)  Only those who win the award will be recognized; other nominees will not be disclosed outside the nomination committee.