• Environmental Science

    Mrs. McMahon

    Room E-1

    Course Description:

    This course is an interdisciplinary course designed to analyze humanity’s relationship with other organisms and the physical environment.  Principles of biology, chemistry, physics and geology will serve as the foundation as ethics, law and politics enter the scientific arena.  

    5 Units

    1: Introduction to Environmental Science and Environmental Policy

    2: Ecology

    3: Humans and the Environment: Human Population growth,Environmental Health, air and water pollution and  agriculture

    4: Earth’s resources

    5: Toward a sustainable future



    1. Be seated with materials and supplies at your desk when the bell rings.
    2. No cell phones.
    3. Follow directions the first time they are given.
    4. Sit in your assigned seat daily until the bell rings.
    5. Raise your hand to respond during discussions.


    Tests: 30%

    Quizzes: 20%

    Homework: 15%

    Current Events: 10%

    Classwork: 15%

    Labs: 10%

    Late work/Absences:

    Students are expected to come to class prepared with all work completed.  Late work will not be accepted.

    If a student is absent, it is his or her responsibility to make arrangements to complete any missed assignments. Homework assignments will be posted on the board each day as well as on Google classroom.  Make up work is to be handed in the following day.   If a student misses a lab, he or she has five days to make up the material.  If a student misses a test, he or she will have 5 days to make up the test.   Arrangements will be made for any extended absences.

    Materials:  Textbook, Chromebook, Binder,  Pen/Pencil


    Google classroom codes:


    Blue Block 1: ycbqbd


    White Block 4: b2u41v4


    Contact Information:

    Email: mmcmahon@shoreregional.org

    Extension: 5501