English II is a comprehensive study of American Literature that spans over 700 years, beginning with the Native Americans, and progressing all the way up to present day.  We will not cover material on a chronological basis, but a thematic one.  The emphasis in this class is to improve critical reading skills, enhance students' verbal skills, and hone and strengthen their analytical writing.  For each reading, the students will be expected to take notes, analyze the literature, formulate opinions and theses, and write strong analytical papers.
    American Literature Anthology, The Crucible, The Sun also Rises, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby, Death of a Salesman, Streetcar Named Desire, fiction and non-fiction essays, and various poetry.
    Grading Policy:
    You will be graded on a points system where the number of points you earn will be divided by the total possible points- this number will be your grade for the marking period.
             Papers will usually be worth around 150-200 points
             Tests/projects will be worth 100 points
             In-class essays will be worth 100 points
             Class Participation is based on "Do-nows" and will be collected once a marking period, worth 80-100 points.
             Class Assignments will be worth 10-25 points.
             Homework will be worth 10-30 points.
             Quizzes will be worth 20-50 points.
    No late homework assignments will be accepted.
    10 point deductions will be assessed for late papers/projects.

     Read :from "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek"- pg. 285-87 with notes for 11/20
    Research Paper- 4th Marking Period-  
     The topic for the research paper is America and its' literature. What this means is that each students objective is to choose a topic about America that we have covered (race relations, gender roles, social classes, marriage, love, justice, isolation, philosophy), and write a thesis on the topic. Each student must also keep in mind that they must use at least two pieces of literature covered this year as a means of supporting their theses.
    The required length is a 5-7 page analysis. Your paper must follow the standard rules for font, margin, and setup.  Please do not give me a cover page. 

    The first page should be your final outline, followed by your paper, appendices, and the works cited page.


    You need a minimum of six sources (this includes the text(s) that you are using).  You may use .edu, .org, or .gov. Any e-journals or other online sources that also exists in paper form, will not count as an internet source.

     Please remember that all documents are to be turned in via Google Docs. Each student should create a folder and share it with me (including the ability to comment). 


    April 19th -   Choose 3 topics with texts-10 points

    April 23rd-   Write 2 thesis statements-20 points

    April 29th-   Working Works Cited with at least 4 sources-20 points

    April 30th -  Outline-30 points

    May 3rd-     Quotes from sources being used (minimum of 15)-30 points

    May 7th-      Intro paragraph-30 points 

    May 23rd-   Paper due- 500 points


    On May 24th  you will turn in your paper to me at the beginning of class. No late papers will be accepted. 

    If you are caught for plagiarism an automatic zero will be issued.

    MLA format should be used throughout. 


    If you have any questions, please come and ask. 

    Here is a website to help answer some of your questions.