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    Grading Policy and Syllabus for



    This course is an introduction to the science of psychology.  The topics that will be discussed, analyzed, and tested will include, but is not limited to: the history of psychology, the biology and functions of the brain, the five perspectives of psychology, developmental psychology, sensation and perception, lifespan psychology, cognitive psychology, abnormal psychology, and the familiarity of the DSM-IV-TR.



    This course requires each student to read, comprehend, and analyze the required readings, complete various projects throughout the semester, master concepts and ideas through tests and quizzes, be aware of current articles, and complete a minor research project at the end of the course.


    Text:  Invitation to Psychology


    Grading Policy:

    You will be graded on a points system where the total points you earn will be divided by the total possible points to determine your marking period grade.
          Projects will be 150-200 points.
          Tests will be 100 points.
          Homework will be 10-30 points.
          Class work and participation will be 20-50 points.
     For Monday: Define, in your own words, the difference between projection and displacement; Also, give two examples of another defense mechanism.
    Genogram due 12/6
    Friday: Current event