English II Honors

    English II Honors is an intense, year-long study of American and British Literature.  The course study spans over 700 years of history, where each student is expected to read, comprehend, and analyze the texts, stories, concepts, and philosophies covered in class.  Students will be challenged to research, organize, and produce analytical papers on a continuous basis.  This class is designed to preparestudents for college.  The goal is to improve students' cognitive thinking skills and all forms of communication skills.
    Texts Include:
    Lord of the Flies, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Canterbury Tales, 1984, The Jungle, Death of a Salesman, Streetcar Named Desire, The Crucible, The Sun Also Rises, The Great Gatsby, fiction and non-fiction essays, and the study of various poets.
    Grading Policy:
    You will be graded on a points system where the number of points you earn will be divided by the total possible points- this number will be your grade for the marking period.
             Papers will vary in value depending on length. Essays will increase in length                as the year progresses. 60% of a student's grade is derived from essays. 
            All of the other work (homework, classwork,projects) will make up the other 
                40% of the grade, and is also based on a points system. Homework will vary 
                between 20-50 points, whereas projects will range between 75-150 points.
    Assignments will be posted to Google Classroom, though students are allowed to complete homework and classwork on paper, if they choose. 
    I am available for extra help during ASP, or before school if a student schedules a time with me.

    No late homework assignments will be accepted.
    20 point deductions will be assessed for late papers/projects.