Current Events



    Directions for Current Event Assignments:

    Due Dates: The current event reports are due every other Thursday/Friday throughout the school year. Each current event assignment will be worth 30 points.

     Current event due dates TBD.

    The objective is for you to obtain an awareness of and to learn about the many current and fascinating events happening in the world of Astronomy.  To accomplish this objective, you will read and write about Astronomy topics throughout the year.
    • Choose an article that pertains to any topic covered in Astronomy.
    • These articles can be found in newspapers, websites and online databases.  The Shore Regional databases are a great place to start.
    • To receive full credit for the current event you must include ALL of the following: 

         - Clear and concise summary of the article (who, what, where  and why)

          - Your personal opinion on the matter and reaction to the issue at hand.

          - Relate this topic to a topic discussed in class.        

       - What potential impact might this topic of your current event have on the Earth and or the scientific  community

    The current event must be typed.  Any assignment not typed will result in an automatic loss of 10 points.

    You will be expected to briefly summarize your article for the class, failure to do so will result in a loss of 15 points.  Discussions will follow.


    Some Useful Websites: