• Technical Drawing:                          5.0 Credits                  Year



    Welcome to the 21st century.  This course combines the traditional drafting skills, with the introduction of Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD).  Students will combine traditional drafting skills with the computer Aided Design software to complete a course that will include shape development, sectional views, orthographic projections and dimensioning, preparing the student to create a set working of drawings. 




    Engineering Drawing:                      5.0 Credits                  Year


    This course is an advanced technical designing course that incorporates traditional drafting, problem solving and Computer Aided Design Software used to develop new ideas and products.  Students will utilize the Computer Aided Design software to complete a course that will involve problem solving processes, precision drawing and dimensioning used in producing technical production drawings, needed for product manufacturing.                      Prerequisite:  Technical Drawing


    Architectural Drawing:                    5.0 Credits                  Year


    This course is designed for students who are interested in architectural design, utilizing a Computer Aided Drafting software system to prepare a set of architectural drawings.  Student drawings will include floor plans, elevations, wall sections, floor arrangements and other aspects of home design. 


    Advanced Engineering and Architectural Drawing:         5.0 Credits                  Year


    This course is designed for the advanced Computer Aided Design and

    Drafting students who want to specialize in Architectural Design and Engineering.

    The students will research individually, projects relating to the core standards of the course.  Projects will result in a set of working drawings for a portfolio related to the area of interest.  Completion of this course provides students with the knowledge for future Drafting, Design and Engineering in articulation with local colleges.

    Prerequisite:  Technical Drawing, Engineering Drawing and Architectural Drawing


    Materials Processing:                        2.5 Credits                  Semester


    This course introduces students to the use of materials and processes.  Students will face topics that include safety consciousness, tool and equipment use, material characteristics, and fabrication of various materials including wood, metals and plastics, to create new ideas and products.




    Wood Technology I:                         2.5 Credits                  Semester


    Students will learn the basics of woodworking materials in a problem solving approach to basic construction.  Students are expected to complete a course that will include safe operations of machine and hand tools, understanding of common processes of machine uses and study of technological resources for all woodworking processes within our society.


    Wood Technology Lab:                    2.5 Credits                  Semester


    Students will learn the advanced techniques of woodworking through a project oriented course concentrating on development of good design and craftsmanship.  Students are expected to complete a course that will include increased knowledge of woodworking skills, advanced joiner construction and use of advanced machine processes.   Prerequisite:  Wood Technology I


     Tech World:                                     2.5 Credits                  Semester


    This course is an action based program emphasizing design problem solving activities.  Students are expected to complete a course that includes the study of technological evolution systems approach to understanding the world today.  Activities include hands on experiences that introduce students about the effects technology has on the individual and society.  This course is required for graduation.  

    Shore Regional High School Industrial Arts/Technology

                                                                                Mr. Malfa

    Responsibility of the Students





    What students need to bring to class on a daily basis:

    I. 3-ring notebook/folder including:

    A. Notes

    B. Homework

    C. Plans (sketches, drawings etc.)

    D. Handouts

    E. This responsibilities Handouts

    F. Pencils and Pens (Pencils Preferred)

    Rules & Regulations:

    Students need to follow all rule and regulations in accordance with board policy


    1. Attendance policy

    2. Tardiness to class is Not acceptable

    3. Students found not to be in complete control will be escorted to the nurse or main office.

    4. Students are allowed to leave class with permission from teacher or


    appropriate pass.

    5. Students are not to be entering, leaving or outside the back door at any time.

    6. Cd players, cell phone, beepers, etc. and hats are not permitted in class.

    7. Food and drinks in class are prohibited.

    8. Safety:

    A. No fighting shoving or horseplay

    B. All safety rules regarding hand and machine tools have to be followed to the "T".

    C. Everyone will wear safety glasses at all times while working in the Wood shop.

    D. A clean working environment makes for a safe working environment.


    1.   In my absence, the sub will be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy.

    2. Students are allowed to leave class with permission from substitute or an

    appropriate pass.

    3. No tools or machinery is to be used, no work on projects.

    4. Every student will complete the assignment given, and hand the completed assignment to the sub at the end of class.

    5. I will be given a list of disciplinary problems by the substitute and the student(s) will responsible for their actions.

    Student Absence:


    What to do if you, the student miss class.

    1. Check with Mr. Malfa before or after class

    2. Be prepared on the day you return to take any previously announced tests, quizzes, or assignments.

    3. If you'd like to retake any test or quiz, our school policy states you have 5 school days to do so.

    4. If you have a field trip, vacation, etc. make arrangements with Mr. Malfa prior to the absence.

    5. If you leave class early or come in late, you are still responsible for any assignments or homework given.

    Course Requirements and Grading:

    The following criteria are used in grading:

    1. Homework (Participation)

    2. Notebook/Portfolios

    3. Tests and Quizzes

    4. Attendance (Participation

        10 points per day )

    5. Neatness (Participation)

    6. Project and work skills Grading Computation:

    1. Notebooks/Portfolio 10%

    2. Test and Quizzes 25%

    3. Projects 50%

    4. Participation 15%

    Extra Help:

    I am available for extra help by appointment during my free periods, if you have a study hall, or between 2:25-2:45. Please understand that extra help comes before after-school activities. All coaches and advisors want teachers to notify them if there is a problem.

    I understand the above and will do my best to comply.