• During Studio Time:

    1. Follow directions carefully, using approved procedures and prescribed amounts of materials.
    2. Plan your movements at all times to avoid injuring yourself or others.
    3. If you are injured in the studio or spill any chemical on you or another student, notify the instructor immediately.
    4. Read labels and notes carefully and correctly to be sure you are using the materials properly.
    5. Remove any spilled materials from the desk and floor, as quickly and safely as possible.  Use plenty of water to clean the area.
    6. Wear the goggles, gloves and aprons to protect you.
    7. Never pass your hand or any body part over an open flame.  Keep a safe distance away from the flame with your clothing.
    8. Long hair must be fastened back when over a flame or sing machinery.
    9. Never taste anything that is not food.
    10. No eating or drinking in studio space.
    11. Never handle electronic equipments with wet hands.
    12. Never point sharp objects toward a person.
    13. The kiln room is off limits to students.
    14. Keep the studio clean and dry.
    15. Become familiar with the health and safety hazards of all chemicals used in a material safety data sheet.
    16. Wash your hands thoroughly, with soap, before leaving the studio.
    17. Walking around unnecessarily in the studio is prohibited for safety reasons.
    18. Know where the fire extinguisher, fire blanket, eye wash station, and nurse are located and how to use each.
    19. Never touch or use any Art Studio apparatus unless your teacher has instructed on the proper and safe use of that piece of equipment and you feel you can safely operate the piece.


    I have read the above Art Studio Procedures and Precautions and understand their implications and intentions for the safe operation of the laboratory.   I have reviewed this copy and agree to abide by the above Procedures and Precautions.  The instructor will be notified if any situation is the Studio seems unsafe or contradicts any of the preceded..


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