1. Pay attention and stay open minded.  Do not talk while the instructor is talking.  There will be time to express yourself and listen to others.
    2. Raise your hand when you wish to speak.
    3. Bring a notebook and journal to class everyday.  Consistent lack of materials will prevent you from taking appropriate notes and cause a decrease in your grade.
    4. Your behavior during studio time is important for your safety.  You must follow studio safety rules whenever doing work with supplies.  You must wear the appropriate gear for each project, ie. goggles and gloves. If you do not, you will receive a 50% for the day and must sit.
    5. The studio space is shared with others and should be treated with respect.  CLEAN UP IS MANDATORY! EVERYONE MUST PITCH IN WITH CLEAN UP JOBS FOR SAFETY!
    6. Whenever you are absent you are expected to get the notes you have missed, and you have one day for each absence to hand in missed work without penalty.
    7. Should I be absent, you are expected to complete all the work left with the substitute.  I will correct and grade ALL of the work, usually assigning it as a quiz grade.
    8. If you need any help, do not be afraid to ask me.  I arrived at 7:00 every day and usually will stay after school for extra help.  See me during the day to set up extra help sessions.
    9. Grades and extra credit will be given for participating in discussions or helping others.  Fooling around will result in a 50% for the day grade.
      1. Do you have to take the quiz or test? NO
      2. Do you have to make up the quiz or test? YES
      3. Do you have to make up the teacher demonstration? YES
      4. Will you get a penalty for late work? YES, 10% per week
      5. Do you have to make up homework? YES
      6. Will you get a zero if you do not make up missed work? YES
      7. Do you have to make up projects? YES, with a late penalty
      8. Will you get a zero if you do not make up missed work? YES
      9. Do you need a pass to leave or enter class? YES, no passes will be issued for late clean up
    11. Do not make fun or ridicule others.  Laugh with people, not at them.
    12. Bulling is not allowed in the classroom.  We do not tease, call names or put people down.  We do not hit, shove, kick or play threaten with any materials used in labs.  If you see someone being bullied bring it to my attention immediately.
    13. We make others feel welcome, listen to other opinions and treat everyone with kindness.
    14. We respect other’s property, including school’s.
    15. If you disagree with any decisions that I make please see me after class and we can discuss it.
    16. The teacher’s property is off limits to students unless directed other wise.
    17. Refrain from touching ANY projects that do not belong to you.  Reparation for damage will be pressed.