• SOTM Crest 2015  
    January 2022


    Name: Sophie PeltonSP

    Grade: 11

    Role Model: I have many people who influenced my life decisions, but no one came as close to a role model as they did like my mother. She originally was supposed to go into the field of psychology and work with children. She and I both share similar interests, which influenced many of my decisions leading up to this. She is one of the biggest factors in wanting me to become a therapist or venture into the field of forensic psychology. We had many conversations and always found common ground when we disagreed on something. She supported me all the way when I first started writing, and always got me journals to write in. I want to make her and my father proud because of how much I was shaped because of her good influences to continue weaving stories and venturing into psychology.

    Teacher with the most impact: I can never pick one teacher who has had the most impact, since I have too many teachers who influenced my actions throughout the years. The most impactful teachers would have to be the 3 English teachers I had (have) during the school year. The first I would talk about is the current teacher I have, who is Mrs. Encarnacion. She helped me find my love for reading again and helped me slowly get back into my burning passion for English. I was able to find my style again and be able to write essays again. I loved writing, but being able to speak my views opened a new door for English. The second teacher I would talk about is Ms. Ensor. She helped show the creative side of me. She allowed me to write creatively when assigned during Collegiate Writing and English 2. I loved researching different topics during the two classes. I also enjoyed submitting stories to her club she advises, The Voices. The last teacher who introduced me to English was Ms. Secko. She introduced me to handling essays and how to master writing them. I enjoyed writing and it made me further improve on mastering the art of the essay. I enjoyed the numerous stories we learned there and also enjoyed the little do nows we did in groups. Overall, I loved all of my teachers that I had, but the ones that have most resonated with me since I started school here.

    What do you like most about Shore Regional?  I like seeing everyone participating in sports or clubs whenever I walk around school. I enjoy being able to be back in school and able to socialize with my friends again. I love seeing others socializing with their friends again after being in lockdown. It is great to see people being alive and showing emotions after having to see each other on screens. I am just really happy we are back and able to learn with our friends in the room (and also glad the mask mandate is getting lifted soon to see each others faces).

    Activities: This year was probably the year I challenged myself the most. I enrolled into IB English and IB History alongside having Trig/Pre-Calc and Physics. I wanted to further challenge myself since my sophomore year when I also took rigorous classes to still manage to keep myself engaged. I have been doing Cross Country, Winter Track, and Spring Track for the majority of my high school career. I still plan on continuing to run during my last year of high school and still support my team. I am currently in GSA. I have sold two times to contribute to helping the club. I try to go to the meetings if nothing conflicts, and enjoy being able to support those around me who are in the LGBT+ community. I enjoy writing in and outside of school. I have submitted pieces to the Voices competitions since freshman year, and will continue till I graduate. I enjoy balancing academics and sports on top of getting time to write and draw, but I never fail to get anything in on time or when needed to extend it to a later date.

    Future Goals/Plans: I see myself as someone who is helping others. Whether it be through charity or therapy sessions, I hope to help others the best I can. I want to inspire others around me and be the voice for the people who cannot voice their own opinions. I want to be the advocate for those who are not willing to voice their opinions. I want to write for the voiceless to write about topics deemed sensitive to spark talks about finding better ways to handle the topics. I want to break the stigma behind mental health and help people help others who are suffering. Overall, my goal in life is to have others to relate to, and not feel alone in the world. I want them to find meaning to their lives without thinking they are worthless in this world.

    Personal Quote:  “I am the voice of the voiceless; Through me the dumb shall speak. Till the deaf world's ears be made to hear. The wrongs of the wordless weak. And I am my brother's keeper, And I will fight his fights; And speak the words for beast and bird." - Ella Wheeler Wilcox



    RDNameRylee Drahos

    Grade: 11

    Role Model: Throughout my life, I have had the privilege to be surrounded by truly amazing people that I have had the great opportunity to look up to. Ever since I can remember, I have always looked up to my mom. The positive attitude she brings to each situation is like no other. She always knows what to say at any given time. What I admire most about my mom is her natural ability to lead and her work ethic. My mom is the hardest working person I know. My mom has taught me that I am capable of anything I put my mind to. In everything I do, my mom is there to support me each and every step of the way. Most importantly, my mom has taught me that family is most important.

    Teacher with the most impact: Although there have been many teachers that have impacted me positively, Mrs. Encarnacion has impacted me the most throughout all my years of school. Her passion for teaching and the positive attitude which she brings to class every day is honestly like no other. Mrs. E has the ability to make IB English class fun while learning serious content at the same time. Until this year, I have never had a class I enjoyed as much as hers. She allows each individual to open their mind to a new way of learning and is always introducing new ways to learn and expand your thinking. I have genuinely enjoyed learning each day in her class this year. She never fails to put a smile on anyone's face and will always be there if you need her. She truly cares about each individual student, and will provide you with everything you need to succeed. 

    What do you like most about Shore Regional?  What I like most about Shore Regional is the family-like atmosphere this school provides. The small community is filled with Shore pride everywhere you look. Everyone is supportive of each other. 

    Activities:  This year, I am enrolled in multiple IB classes. I play basketball, where we won the Group 1 Central Jersey Sectional Championship this year. For clubs, I am a part of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Flag Football, Interact, Voyager, and Great Books Group. 

    Future Goals/Plans: In 10-15 years, I see myself graduated from a university with a degree in something I am passionate about. After college, I would love to travel the world for a little bit and gain a ton of experience and knowledge about other countries, cultures, and people. I would love to start my own business and get involved in the real estate world. 

    Personal Quote:  "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." Winston Churchill