• Please find some mindfulness apps and youtube videos.  The apps below are free. I know that many of us want to stay informed with up to date information and may have the tv on to get that information.  However, it may be helpful to have some peaceful and relaxing music in the background, if you can do so, at any time of the day or night. Simply type in “relaxing spa music” into the search bar when you go to youtube and there are many to choose from.

    Free Online Meditation Resources for Times of Social Distancing / COVID-19

    Try Mindful Movement

     3 minute breathing space practice  (Mindful)

    CALM free resources  (meditations, soundscapes, music and much, much more)

    Apps: (free)

    Smiling Mind  The app features hundreds of meditations, enough to keep you engaged without overwhelming you with choice. They are organized into structured programs like Mindful Foundations (42 sessions), Sleep (6 sessions), Relationships (13 sessions), and Workplace (41 sessions), but you have the flexibility to choose where to start and to easily jump between programs. Most meditations are in the five- to fifteen-minute range, with a few practices up to 45 minutes for advanced meditators.  

    Stop breathe & think  If you explore “All Sessions” you can access the free meditations all in one place and also take a peek at what the upgrade to a paid plan offers.

    UCLA Mindful 

    • Basic Meditations for getting started, in both English and Spanish

    • Wellness Meditations for people suffering from challenging health conditions

    • Informative videos exploring how to get started, supportive meditation postures, and the science of mindfulness

    • Weekly podcasts from UCLA's Hammer Museum-- a 30 minute meditation on different themes you can search for and bookmark

    • A timer to meditate on your own


    Oprah & Deepak's 21-Day Meditation Experience

    • With our free 21-Day Meditation Experience App, you can easily access your already purchased meditation products from the convenience of your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Listen to the meditations in your library, write in your meditation journal, and stream or download all meditation products anytime, anywhere. Your entire library will be waiting for you on all your mobile devices, ready to enhance your life!


    Youtube videos:

     3-minute Mindful Breathing Meditation

    5-Minute Meditation You Can Do Anywhere

    Breathing Meditation | UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center

    Short Mindfulness Meditation--Reduce Stress and Anxiety in 6 Minutes