• SOTM Crest 2015  
    October 2019


    Maeve Murphy Name:  Maeve Murphy

    Grade:  11

    Role Model:  My parents are my role models. They work hard to provide for my brothers and I. They also encourage me to be the best version of myself and they always support my decisions.

    Teacher with the most impact:  The teachers at Shore Regional have all made an impact on who I am today. The teachers that have had the most impact on me are Mrs.Mazza (Geometry) and Mrs.Martin (English) both teachers have challenged me and have pushed me to be the person I am today. Mrs.Mazza made geometry class much more enjoyable and has the best math memes. Mrs.Martin is making me a better writer and preparing me for the AP English exam.

    What do you like most about Shore Regional?  What I like about Shore Regional High School is how welcoming and friendly everyone is. The faculty and teachers always say hi in the hallways. I also like how there is something for everyone to get involved in whether that is a club, sport, band, or theater.

    Activities:  Cross Country, Winter Track, Spring Track, Interact, SAW, Student Council, Class Council (Secretary), Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Great Books Group.

    Future Goals/Plans:  I hope that in ten years I have a job that I enjoy either in the medical or engineering field. I also hope to one day travel and eventually have a family of my own.

    Personal Quote:  "If you don't have confidence, you will always find a way not to win." -Steve Jobs





    Jack Aromando Name:  Jack Aromando

    Grade:  11

    Role Model:  My role model would have to be Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon. I look up to him because of how he turned a small idea into something as large as his company today. He turned nothing into something so large that it would seem like an impossible. I look up to his hard work and determination that allowed him to make an idea into reality. I also look up to his philanthropic efforts in donating around 2 billion last year alone to charity. I wish to exhibit some of his character traits that allowed him his monumental success in both wealth and life.

    Teacher with the most impact:  The teacher that has had the most impact on me is Mr. Labush who has taught me English as well as psychology. Through his honors English class Mr. Labush forced me to toughen up in terms of the quality of my work. He gave me exactly what I deserved every single assignment and made me realize that I have to give it my all in order to succeed not only in his classroom, but in life.

    What do you like most about Shore Regional? Shore Regional High School has left me with many great experiences but one aspect of Shore Regional that has had the most impact on me are the people. Both the students and the faculty at Shore have made me feel at home in this school. I can get along with almost any student I see in the hallways. Everyone has a great attitude and it seems like all of the students are genuinely happy. The teachers are almost all interested in what they are teaching and are always helping their students succeed. This makes for an ideal school environment that I am proud to be apart of.

    Activities:  I am currently involved in cross country as well as track and field. I am the treasurer for my class and I am also an active Boy Scout and try to volunteer as much as I can in my community.

    Future Goals/Plans:  In ten years I see myself holding a steady job while being able to do all that makes me happy. I see myself finding a balance between hard work and a happy, healthy lifestyle. I expect to be financially stable without sacrificing my quality life for work.

    Personal Quote:  "If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them." -Bruce Lee