1996 Field Hockey Team
    1996 Field Hockey Team

    The gold trophy symbolic of the NJSIAA Group I State Championship was raised high after the Blue Devils shutout Belvidere 4-0 in the New Jersey State final. Motivated by a last minute loss in the State Finals the previous year, Shore finished with a record of 24-0 and outscored their opponents 106-2. This team made history by winning the coveted quadruple crown.

    Undefeated and untied the 1996 team won the Division title, making it 26 in a row, The Shore Conference Tournament, State Sectional, the 7th overall State Championship and the trophy for the number one field hockey team in New Jersey. To this day Shore is the only Group I public school to ever be ranked number one.

    The stingy defense was led by goalkeeper Caren Apicelli, defensive specialists Patrice Alvino, Leslie McMahon, Alison Reisner and Meg McConville. The team allowed only 75 shots on the season, amassed 22 shutouts and allowed no goals during the five game State Tournament run.

    On, offense, Hall of Fame inductees Meredith Pizzulli and Jess Coleman led the way, supported by Stephanie Vrettos, Laura Popes, Lauren Springman and Tracey Speck. The team averaged 4.5 goals per game.

    From a program with an undeniably rich history, this team will be remembered not only for its superior individual talent but for its unselfish play and determination to succeed. There were many great players that came off the bench to contribute to the success of this team. When they stepped on the field they brought skills, energy and commitment. Everyone on this team practiced like a starter and played every game like it was a championship.

    Several players went on to receive recognition. ALL DIVISION: Jessica Coleman, Meredith Pizzulli, Patrice Alvino, Stephanie Vrettos, Alison Reisner, Caren Apicelli and Tracey Speck.   ALL SHORE: Patrice Alvino, Jessica Coleman, Meredith Pizzulli, Tracey Speck, Alison Reisner. ALL AMERICAN: Jessica Coleman, Meredith Pizzulli

    COACHES: Nancy Williams.  Assistants: Jennifer Carlisle and Meghan Kelly, Managers Joe Tuzzio, Nicole Fornarotta

    TEAM MEMBERS: Alison Reisner, Caren Apicelli, Leslie McMahon, Jessica Coleman, Meghan McConville, Patrice Alvino, Lauren Springman, Tracey Speck, Stephanie Vrettos, Laura Popes, Kate Cunniff, Betsy Palazzo, Holly Waterman, Maggie McConaghy, Dena Ebert, Chrissy Polizois, Gina Fiore, Maria Christopher, Amy Foote, Marla Rolleri, Erin Plasteras, Richelle Grandinetti, Meg Foley.