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    Foggles and Golf Carts:  Thursday, May 2nd and Friday, May 3rd.

    West Long  Branch and Oceanport Police Officers spent two days with our junior and senior class students for our annual Mission...P.R.O.M. activity, Foggles and Golf Carts during their health and physical education classes.  Foggles are the goggles which simulate being under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs, through the distortion of your vision. The students then drive the golf cart along the predetermined course with and without the goggles.  Those who are waiting their turn to drive are able to interact with the officers doing field sobriety tests with and without the goggles. A new addition to the program this year was the distracted driving goggles. The goggles simulates the distraction that occurs when someone reads or responds to a text. The goggles black out for 4.6 seconds to simulate the amount of time a person’s eyes and attention are on his phone, rather than on the road.  They also can be used to simulate drowsy driving.

    Each class organized in the auditorium and the presentation began with a Kahoot quiz (the police departments brought gift cards to present to the top 2 winners of each class) and then the physical education teachers presented a powerpoint presentation along with the officers to engage in dialogue and ask questions.  After the presentation, the classes then went outside for the foggles and golf cart activity.