• SOTM Crest 2015  
    March 2019

    Kayla Bartram Name:  Kayla Bartam

    Grade:  12

    Role Model:  My role model is my Nanny/caretaker, Diane. Due to my mother’s intense workload, Diane helped run our household and had a great impact on my development. I was given the privilege (and curse) of having 3 parents essentially. As an immigrant she gave me a better perspective of the world, being born in Trinidad and coming here to build a better life for her family. We were able to embrace each other’s cultures and create so many unique memories. Unlike a stereotypical maid, she instilled the ideals of respect and integrity, instead of spoiling me. From teaching me how to ride a bike to how to be a woman, she has shaped me into the person I am today. Her continuous compassion always stood out to me, encouraging me to be more mindful of others. Although she returned home to her family this year, I am immensely thankful for everything she has done for me and hope to visit her soon.

    Teacher with the most impact:  Although it took until my senior year to finally comply, taking AP Psychology with Mr. Labush has had a great influence on me. While pushing me to always strive for improvement, he allowed me the freedom to express myself every day without judgments. His class provided a lively yet eye-opening experience, enhancing my knowledge of myself and others. I can 100% affirm that his teaching has made me a better person. Another teacher that has helped me tremendously is Mrs. Ross. Taking CP English with her freshman year, I never expected to be able to make it to AP Literature & Composition. However, she provided the support necessary to boost my confidence in my writing, completely changing my outlook on the subject. Through her classes and Great Books Club, she has always encouraged me to speak my mind and I am extremely grateful for her reassurance. I have faith that with the foundation she has helped to build, I will be able to transition efficiently to a university level.

    What do you like most about Shore Regional? Shore Regional’s student-faculty relationships are what I will miss when graduating. There seems to be a true sense of authenticity and compassion between teachers and their students. Many are able to form close bonds, producing an overall atmosphere of connectedness within the school environment.

    Activities: Field Hockey, Swimming, Softball, National Honor Society, Great Books Club, Medical Careers Club, Interact Rotary Club, Students for Animal Welfare Club, and Concert Band.

    Future Plans:  In 10 years I hope to see myself starting a career somewhere in the medical field. I have a variety of interests, particularly to pursue optometry/ophthalmology.

    Personal Quote:  “You can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need” -The Rolling Stones



    Henry Miller Name:  Henry Miller

    Grade:  12

    Role Model:  I cannot say I have one role model. However, I can say that the two most important people in my life are undoubtedly my parents. I could never decide which of the two of them I look up to the most because in the end, they are both the most important people in my life and I would not be where I am today without them. I strive to have my father's effortless sense of humor. I strive to have my mother's work ethic and attention to detail. They have encouraged me to follow all of my dreams, and they have helped me every step of the way. My mother and father are the two hardest working people I have ever met. To me, there is no better role model than my parents.

    Teacher with the most impact:  Shore Regional is home to a number of amazing teachers who have made their impact and inspiring impressions. The teachers that stand out to me are the ones who have helped me in deciding what career path I chose to pursue, have shaped me into the person I am today, or have simply made the process of learning a more enjoyable one. The one teacher who has been able to do all of that and so much more is David Attilio. Mr. Attilio, with his witty sarcasm, his grim sense of humor, and outgoing personality, has a way of making every one of his classes not only an enjoy one but also extremely informative. I never leave the music room without learning something new. Mr. Attilio was the reason I was drawn to music, and specifically the education side of it. He is the one who inspired me to want to become a music educator, and to spend the rest of my life impacting the next generation of students in the same way he impacted me. Mr. Attilio has undoubtedly shaped me, not only into the performer and musician I am today, but into the person I have become after four years at Shore Regional. Another teacher who played a pivotal part in encouraging my excitement for education is Kathryn McGowan. I've always been big into science. If I hadn't discovered the world of music, I would have most likely pursued a career in the STEM field. Mrs. McGowan, without fail, manages to make every one of her classes, not only an enjoyable one, but also an extremely informative one. Whether it be a fun lab, a cool demonstration, or a wacky experiment, her classes never lack excellent instruction, detailed information, and endless enjoyment. She has kindled my enthusiasm for learning, and has, without a doubt, groomed me into the person I am today. Those are just two of the countless teachers at Shore Regional who have impacted me greatly.

    What do you like most about Shore Regional? Shore Regional has many aspects that make it an excellent learning environment. One that stands out to me, specifically, is the school's willingness to accommodate. Being a legally blind student, there are certain accommodations I need in order to learn and progress at the same speed as my peers. I ascertain information differently and sometimes need materials in a different format. Whether it be tests/assignments in braille, electronic copies of assignments, something read aloud off of the board, or even just a more optimal seat in a classroom: Every teacher I have ever had at Shore has been extremely accommodating and understanding of my needs. All of my teachers were willing to give me the resources and the materials I needed to succeed, and I always felt comfortable asking for what I needed. All my teachers have been easy to approach and very understanding. The faculty and administration at Shore Regional have taken every step necessary in giving me all of the accommodations I need. They have been extraordinarily helpful in aiding my pursuit of education.

    ActivitiesI am involved in almost every musical ensemble Shore Regional has to offer. I've participated in concert band every year of high school. I was the section leader of the percussion section for junior and senior year. I've been a member of the Blue Devil Marching Band for 5 years; my last year as drum major. I've been a member of the jazz band for all four years of my high school career, primarily on drum set. I have also been a part of the pep band for every year of high school, and I have not missed a single basketball game. Outside of Shore Regional, I also volunteer with the National Federation of the Blind and its youth programs. I teach kids how to read braille and other important life skills.

    Future Plans:  In ten years I see myself teaching. Preferably at the high school level. Probably giving private lessons on the side, and maybe being in a band in my free time. I want to get out of college with my BS in Music Education and start teaching as soon as possible. Join the workforce as soon as I can. I also want to make sure I play enough as well and make sure I don't lose the performer side of me. I immediately want to put the skills I have learned in college to good use in perfecting my craft as a musician and in education the next generation. Eventually I do plan on going back to school to pursuit my masters and eventually a doctorate.

    Personal Quote:  "If music be the food of love, play on." - William Shakespeare