• SOTM Crest 2015  
    October 2018

    G.Goldsmith Name:  Gil Goldsmith

    Grade:  12

    Role Model:  My role model is my dad. He is my role model because he exemplifies the person I aspire to be in all aspects of life everyday.

    Teacher with the most impact:  It's hard to name only a few teachers as almost all generally care about the well-being and learning of their students. Mrs. Gilbert (Spanish II & III) had an extremely large impact on me because she taught me that hard work and determination will allow you to succeed in whatever you want. Mr. Mullarney (Honors Chemistry & AP Chemistry) taught me that solving problems isn't always easy and that the solution can be found only through hard work. Ms. Bahrs (CP English II & AP English Language & Composition) brought out my creative side in English class and, overall, peaked my interest in English as a subject. Lastly, Mrs. Mazza (Honors Geo-Trig & AP Calculus AB) provided a fun environment to learn in and shaped me into the student that I am today.

    What do you like most about Shore Regional?  The thing I like most about Shore Regional is the family-like environment that it provides. I feel that nobody has the sense of loneliness at our school and it is shown through the many groups of friends that you can see on a daily basis if you step foot inside Shore Regional.

    Activities:  Varsity Football, Basketball, and Lacrosse, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and National Honor Society.

    Future Plans:  I see myself working a job that I really enjoy and providing for myself. I imagine myself being intrigued by life and challenging myself to become a better person everyday.

    Personal Quote:   "Effort can only be judged by yourself. Never let yourself down."


    Thoughts from his teachers...

    Gil Goldsmith is an enthusiastic and insightful student and a truly caring young man. In our English class, he regularly uses his leadership skills to direct his peers in the completion of group projects. Gil greets all he meets each day with a warm smile and an energetic attitude. He is a real asset to our class. -- Mrs. Ensor (English) 
    Gil is a strong student with a good work ethic. He was pretty invested in our first project before he was even officially in my class roster. I was concerned he was doing all this work when he wasn't even supposed to be in my class! -- Mr. Bauer (Graphic Arts)
    Gil is a leader in the classroom and on the field --- He has the drive to succeed individually, as well as helping others around him to do so. He is a strongly principled person and great achiever, but as in all of his achievements, he does not seek fanfare or the limelight. Gil's attitude, courtesy, good humor, sportsmanship, and all-around great character are outstanding!!!  -- Ms. Bahrs (English)

    Nicolette Becker Name:  Nicolette Becker

    Grade:  12

    Role Model:  My role models are my two older sisters, Alexandra and Jacklyn. I’ve admired them while growing up as they’ve taught me many lessons through their own life obstacles. They inspire me with their determination and strength and will always be a positive influence in my life.

    Teacher with the most impact:  Throughout my time at Shore Regional, the teachers that made the largest impact on me are Mrs. Minze (Italian), Mrs. Schmid (Honors Calc), and Ms. Bahrs (AP English). Each of them taught me life lessons I will always remember. After being in Mrs. Minze’s class for three years, I gained an entirely new perspective on being respectful and responsible. She has been there for me for anything I need and I will always be thankful for that. Mrs. Schmid has always pushed me to my potential and has prepared me for years to come. Mrs. Bahrs was able to make my least favorite subject much more interesting. Her dedication to english will always inspire me as a student.

    What do you like most about Shore Regional? My favorite thing about Shore Regional High School is the teachers. They’re dedication to their students as well as their passion to teach is evident.

    Activities:  In school, I am involved in National Honor Society and the Yearbook Club. Outside of school, I participate in several volunteer programs.

    Personal Quote:  “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain.

    Thoughts from her teachers...

    Nicolette Becker is a remarkable young woman: she is a diligent student and an honest, compassionate young woman. Never one to shirk her responsibilities as a student, she commits herself fully to all projects assigned to her, and she leads her peers with her quiet, unwavering example. I have had Nicolette in two of my English classes, and I am all the richer for my experiences with her as a student in my classroom. She is a real asset to our school community. -- Mrs. Ensor (English)

    Nicole's artwork is impeccable!  She is a true perfectionist. -- Mrs. Lavin (2D Art)