• SOTM Crest 2015  
    February 2018

    Barton Name:  Jessica Barton

    Grade:  11

    Role Model:  My role models are my mom and my sister. I admire how hard they both work and their ability to do everything at once. My mom and my sister do so much for me, and I think their kind and giving nature is something everyone can use.

    Teacher with the most impact:  So many teachers at Shore have had a positive and lasting impact on me. Mr. Labush (Honors English II) really taught me time management, and his class discussions were always entertaining. Ms. Novak (Honors US History/IB11 HOTA) is just a wonderful person who never fails to make class enjoyable. I love Mrs. Fagen (AP Biology) and her ability to make a difficult class so fun. Mrs. Mooney's (Physical Education/Health) sense of humor and positive attitude inspires me to do my best no matter what activity we're doing.

    What do you like most about Shore Regional?  I love how teachers are so willing to help and the atmosphere of a small school where there is always a friendly face. I love the wide variety of clubs and sports and how there is always something new to try.


    Activities:  Soccer, basketball, softball, SAW, The Beacon

    Future Goals/Plans:  I see myself working hard at a job that I love to go to. I hope to be content with whatever I am doing and always learning something new everyday.

    Personal Quote:  "It's hard to beat a person who never gives up." -Anonymous

    Teachers Quotes...

    • Jess is a great choice for SOTM. She is hardworking, caring, and has a positive attitude everyday! -- Ms. Novak (History)


    • Jessica is an excellent student that works hard, helps fellow classmates, shows academic integrity, and is involved in the school. -- Mrs. Fagen (Science)


    • Jess Barton is kind, diligent, dependable, pleasant, hard-working and thoughtful. She played on the soccer team for 3 years and could always be depended upon to do her best, promote a positive attitude, and lead by example. In honors physics, she consistently demonstrates mastery of difficult material, volunteers and participates in class discussions and is helpful to her classmates...always doing so with a smile and a pleasant demeanor. -- Ms. McGowan





    Zimmerman Name:  Jake Zimmerman

    Grade:  11

    Role Model:  My role model is my brother, Mick. Mick is a Midshipman fourth-class at the United States Naval Academy. Ever since I was young, Mick has taught me many valuable life lessons. Above all, he has taught me to put service before self and how to be a focused and effective leader.

    Teacher with the most impact:  Being that every teacher at Shore Regional High School is special in their own way, it is hard to choose just a few that have had the biggest impact on me. I have the utmost respect for Mr. Nicol inside and outside of the classroom. I had Mr. Nicol last year for Geometry. Not only did he make a high level math class fun, entertaining, and easy to understand, but he also kept my dreams afloat. When the search began for a Shore Surf Team coach, Mr. Nicol stepped up to the plate. If it was not for him, my three year long dream of representing my school in the ocean could have never become a reality. Because of Mr. Nicol I get to call myself the first ever captain of the Shore Regional Surf Team - a position I take extreme pride in. This is my first year having Mrs. Ross for English, and I cannot wait to take part in her AP class next year. Mrs. Ross always makes sure to push me to my utmost potential. Because of Mrs. Ross I have gained a true interest in literature that I never had before. This is my third year in Mr. Carney's Latin class. Before my freshman year I chose to take Latin as I thought it would be an interesting language to learn, and Mr. Carney truly fulfilled my expectations. Mr. Carney is a fun and energetic teacher that makes everyday more entertaining than the one before. Mr. Carney's commitment to giving each and every student the best experience everyday has pushed me to enroll in my fourth straight year of Latin. Finally, I would like to mention Mr. Labush. Just this year, Mr. Labush has completely opened my mind to the world of psychology. Psychology is a field that I have always been interested in, but Mr. Labush has gotten me absolutely hooked. His attitude in the classroom is second to none, and I am always ecstatic when it is time for his class.

    What do you like most about Shore Regional?  What I like best about Shore Regional High School is the sense of "students first" that is offered. The staff and administration go above and beyond when it comes to our student body.

    Activities:  Within school, I am a three sport athlete: surfing in the fall (Captain), bowling in the winter, and lacrosse in the spring. Along with this I am involved in the Student Advisory Committee, SAW, and Surfrider (Vice President). Outside of school I am a lifeguard in the summer and recently acquired a position as a Junior Beach Captain for Clean Ocean Action.

    Future Goals/Plans:  In ten years, I see myself having graduated from a University on the West Coast with a degree in ocean sciences. I hope to have a job in this area of study that will enable me to travel the world and explore the unknown.

    Personal Quote:  "We dream of the perfect wave, the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect love, and when we get there, we dream of something else, and the journey goes on." - Rob Machado, "The Drifter"

    Teacher Quotes

    • Jake is a dedicated, hard working student. He is often a leader in class discussions, illuminating them with true insight into the literature being explored. He is a pleasure to teach! -- Mrs. Ross (English)


    • It is no surprise that Jake is SOTM. His work ethic and great personality make him an obvious choice!-- Ms. Novak (History)


    • With his unparalleled work ethic and his chummy, warmhearted demeanor toward both peer and teacher alike, Jake is a paragon of character here at Shore Regional.-- Mr. Carney (Latin)