• SOTM Crest 2015  
    December 2017
    Emmalee Olsen Name:  Emmalee Olsen

    Grade:  11

    Role Model:  One of my role models is my mom. She always pushes me to be the best version of myself possible. Whether it's in the classroom or on the field, being told to "have no regrets" and being asked, "Which mountain today?" never fails to motivate me. She is the most selfless person I know, and I hope that I grow up to be at least half the person she is today. I can always turn to her whenever help is needed, which is something that I will be forever grateful for.

    Teacher with the most impact:  One teacher that has had the most impact on me is Mrs. Tranchina, my IB Film teacher. She helped develop my growing love for film, and I look forward to being greeted by her with a laugh and a smile every class. Another teacher that has had a positive impact on me is my French teacher, Madame Simonson. She truly cares about every one of her students and makes sure to adapt to everyone's learning style. Lastly, Mrs. Defino has encouraged and built me up when her accounting class became challenging, helping to boost my confidence and to make me an overall better student. All of these teachers are the most positive people that I know and they have taught me that no matter how bad a day can get, there is always something to be thankful for.

    What do you like most about Shore Regional?  I love the welcoming environment among the staff and students. The ability to turn to anyone whenever help is needed is very comforting.

    Activities:  I am involved in Interact, SAW, and French Club. Also, I am on the field hockey team and I run both Winter and Spring track.

    Future Goals/Plans:  I see myself graduated from a college, making sure to take time to travel the world. Also, I hope to have a job, house, and family of my own. I want to be an elementary school teacher with a job involving film on the side.

    Personal Quote:  "We rise by lifting others." - Robert Ingersoll

    Teacher Quotes...

    • Emmalee is a person who does not seek the limelight, but who instead offers her best at the same time that she supports the learning and efforts of the entire group.-- Mrs. Bhars (English)


    • Emmalee is a very conscientious student. She sets high standards for herself and and works hard to achieve her goals. -- Mrs. Defino (Accounting)


    • Emmalee is a hard working student with a positive attitude and strong work ethic. She is able to juggle the demands of her athletic endeavors with all that is needed to succeed in class. She's a great choice for student of the month.--Ms. Novak (History)




    M. MacStudy Name:  Martin MacStudy

    Grade:  11

    Role Model:  My role model is my sister. Her successes have made me push myself academically and in other aspects of life to be like her. She has taught me never to settle for something that doesn't meet my standards. She has taught me to work hard and strive for excellence.

    Teacher with the most impact:  One of the teachers who has had the biggest impact on me is Mrs. Koontz, who taught my freshman English class. She introduced me to this organization that has completely changed my life. Because of her, I have had the opportunity to come to know and be close friends with many people throughout New Jersey.

    What do you like most about Shore Regional? I like that there is a club or sport for everybody. No matter what you're interested in, there is most likely a club for you. It allows for everyone to have their own space where they feel comfortable to express themselves. I also like how flexible Shore is with clubs. If there isn't a club for your interest(s), they are very easy to start up.

    Activities: I am an officer for S.A.W and Interact. I am a part of stage crew for the spring musical, and I throw shot put for Winter and Spring track.


    Future Goals/Plans:  In ten years, I see myself having graduated from college and a job in Forensic Science. I will be living in Richmond, Virginia, happily married. I will have traveled parts of the world by then.


    Personal Quote:  "I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."- Maya Angelou

    Teacher Quotes...

    • Marty is a student who is interested in doing well, and in staying open to learning possibilities and more in-depth reading. -- Mrs. Bahrs (English)


    • Martín is a very hardworking student and role model. He is conscientious and and intellectually inquisitive. -- Mrs. Sher (Spanish)


    • Marty is an awesome choice for SOTM. He has a great work ethic and overall attitude.-- Ms. Novak (History)