• Foggles 2017

    Fatal Vision® Impairment Goggles are an internationally popular hands-on prevention tool used to educate people of all ages about the consequences alcohol misuse and abuse. Fatal Vision® Goggles use a special lens technology that allows the wearer to experience a realistic simulation of impairment. Participants experience how alcohol impairs a person’s balance, vision, reaction time, and judgment. Simple activities with the Fatal Vision® Goggles, such as walking a line “heel-to-toe”, standing on one leg, reaching out to grab a set of car keys, or tossing a ball, become effective teaching moments as the participant experiences how susceptible they are to potentially dangerous consequences.

    West Long  Branch and Oceanport Police Officers spent two days with our junior and senior class students for our annual Mission...P.R.O.M. activity, Foggles and Golf Carts.  Foggles are the goggles which simulate being under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs, through the distortion of your vision.  The students were able to drive the course without the goggles and then drove the course with the goggles.  The police officers also added in the situation of a friend calling or texting the driver to simulate real-life scenarios.  Those who were waiting their turn to drive were able to interact with the officers doing field sobriety tests with and without the goggles.  
    Please click on the link to see a short video of the activity.