Diamond Club
    * The Diamond Club is an independent parents' organization.  It does not replace or supersede the Booster Club, which is the only official school-recognized and supported parent/alumni program.
    * The Diamond Club is intended to be positive reinforcement for the players and coaches providing them with parental support for a successful season.
    * The Diamond Club's main objective is to develop fundraising activities to be able to present the baseball program with special equipment needs not met by the school or the Booster Club.  Some of the fundraising activities this season will include, bagging groceries at Shop Rite, selling tickets to a Blue Claws game, and a car wash at the Myrtle Ave. Firehouse.
    * Additionally, the Diamond Club sponsors an annual First Pitch Dinner and an annual Awards Banquet at the end of each season to recognize the athletes and coaches and coordinates a baseball clothing sale for the athletes, as well as the baseball team pictures.
    2017 Club Committee
    Maria Jelliff - Email: njreeree@comcast.net 
    * First Pitch Dinner - Friday, March 31st at 6 PM
    * Clothing Order - 2nd Order Mar. 13th- 19th
    * Youth Baseball Clinic - Sunday, April 23rd 1-4 PM
    * Game vs. TBD at Blue Claws Stadium -
    * Shop Rite Bagging - TBD
    * Alumni Game- TBD
    * Car Wash - Saturday, May 20th 10 am - 12 pm (Rain Date 5/21)
    * End of the Year Banquet - Monday, June 12th 6:30 pm
     Meeting Dates
    Saturday, March 11th at 11 AM - Front Caf. Shore Regional