• Shore Regional Baseball Alumni
    *If you attended Shore Regional and played college baseball email me at poneill@shoreregional.org and I will add you to the list *
     Fred Kampf Jr.
     Drafted by Oakland A's in 1968
     Dennis Van Pelt
     Don Wilson
     Jim McConville
     Kevin Donohoe
     Monclair St.
     Steve O'Horo
     Monclair St.
     Andy Petrone
     Bob Cosentino
     John Farrell
     Oklahoma St.
     Drafted by Cleveland Indians in 1984
     Greg Manzo
     Seton Hall
     Mike Stout
     James Madison
     Drafted by Cincinnati Reds in 1987
     Vinnie Christopher
     Gary Yamello
     Kyle Pierson
     Ira Tilton
     Drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in 1996
     Fred Kampf III
     Don Klein
     Franklin and Marshall
     Marc Hunter
     Seton Hall
     Andy Meisner
     Mike Spahr
     Marc Hyndsman
     Billy Ceruti
     Robbie Somers
     William Patterson
     Todd Juliano
     Rob Corsi
     Matt Marsh
     Matt Dwyer
     T.J. Sempkowski
     Matt Cosentino
     George Washington
     Nick Blaney
     Andrew Schulz
     James Kelly
     Devin McLaughlin
     Dhillon Barbetti

    Rob Corsi                  Tradition            Todd Juliano