• SOTM Crest 2015  
    November 2016
    Megan Quill Name:  Megan Quill
    Grade: 11
    Role Model:  My older sister Caitlin is my role model. She taught me that it's cool to be yourself and to always follow my dreams. She is the type of person that when she sets her mind to accomplishing something, she does it. Not only is she my role model, but also my best friend. Whenever I need someone to talk to she is the first person I call, and is always ready with advice.
    Teacher with the most impact:  All the teachers I have had at Shore Regional have been amazing. Mr. Nicol is one that stands out the most. He was my Honors Algebra 2 and Honors Geo-Trig teacher. As my teacher he taught me that I need to trust myself instead of asking million of questions. He never failed to make me laugh making my favorite subject even better.
    Activities: Here at Shore I am an executive board member for interact, and also participate in Cross Country, Winter and Spring Track, and FCA.
    Future Goals/Plans:  I plan to go to a four year college and pursue a good occupation that I enjoy doing. I want to travel the world and start my own family. Overall, I want to be happy and surrounded by people I love.
    Personal Quote:   “I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.”
    Jake Cecero Name: Jake Cecero
    Grade:  11

    Role Model:   Music has been something that I have connected to for as long as I could remember.  Music creates such a demand for creativity and passion.  One of my biggest role models after listening to various types of music is Lady Gaga.  Not only is she a musician but she's an artist.  She provokes the media with her image and does as she pleases.  She is a beacon of self love, creativity, and hope.  While she maintains her image she knows that she has more to offer than just that. Beyond being a figure of today's society, she is an amazing artist.  She has pushed me to strive and reach my goals as a artist/performer.  She has taught me to be myself and to do what I love.  Not only does she inspire me to do what I love but to take what I love and do it seriously... with 100% passion and determination. I have been listening to her music for years and she has molded me into the person I am today.
    Teacher with the most impact:  I have been so fortunate to have been able to continue my education at Shore Regional. Along the way I have met a lot of inspiring and impactful people, including the many teachers that I have been able to meet. One person that has impacted me the most is Mrs. Koontz.  I met Mrs. Koontz my freshman year of high school.  As a freshman, high school can be intimidating but with Mrs. Koontz as my first period teacher, I always knew that I had somewhere positive and warming to come to in the morning.  She always had smile on her face and gave a warm welcome every morning. Even though I do not have her as a teacher anymore, I still work closely with her in the Interact Club and she is always challenging me to be myself and push myself to do my best.  If I ever needed anything I know that she would be there with a listening ear and a helping hand.  Not only has she helped me excel in my studies, but she also has helped me excel as a person with life lessons that I will always remember.
    Activities:  Shore Players, Interact Officer, SAW Officer, Student Council
    Future Goals/Plans:  I hope to attend a good college with a major in communications. I also hope that one day I can be on Broadway and live a successful life while also being able to travel.
    Personal Quote:  “When you become the image of your own imagination, it's the most powerful thing you could ever do.” ― RuPaul