• Trig Pre-Calc

    Mrs. Cocco

    Contact Information

     Phone: 732-222-9300 x 5308(voicemail)      Email: acocco@shoreregional.org

     Room C-8 


    Topics Covered: 

    1.         Fundamentals and Graphs

    2.        Functions

    3.        Polynomial and Rational Functions

    4.        Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

    5.        Trigonometric Functions

    6.        Analytic Trigonometry

    7.        Applications of Trigonometry

    8.        Systems of Equations

    9.        Analytic Geometry


    Guidelines and Information

    1.       Notebook:  3 Ring Binder.  All homework and class notes should be kept in this notebook

    2.       Textbook:  The text should be brought to class everyday. You are responsible for it at the end of the year. Missing or damaged books are subject to fines.

    3.       Pencils:  ALL work should be done in pencil.  This allows for students to correct mistakes easily. Work will not be accepted if done in pen.

    4.       Calculators:  Each student should have a graphing calculator.  They should bring it to class each day, as we will be using it on a daily basis.  My expectation is that every student will have one, and when I design tests, my assumption will be that they will use a calculator.

    5.       Arrive to class on time.  Students should be seated and ready to begin work when the bell rings.

    6.       Try to limit time out of class.  Each time a student leaves the class, they are missing new material.

    7.       Homework: 


     ·         Homework will be given several times a week. (See Google Classroom for actual assignments)  It needs to be submitted electronically through Google Classroom by 7:29 am on the day it is due!!!! Your grade will be based on completeness, not accuracy, so it is better to try than to leave answers blank.  However, your work must look like you actually tried!

     ·         There will be NO trips to lockers to retrieve homework.  It is your job to remember to upload it on time.  You will receive a zero even if it’s done, but not uploaded on time.

       ·         If you have an unexcused absence, your homework for that day is an automatic 0.

      ·         All homework must be turned in by 7:29 am on the day it is due, even if you will be absent that day.  If you were in class when an assignment is assigned, you are resonsible for turning it on time!!!

     ·         Upon returning from an excused absence, it is your responsibility to find out the assignment you missed and have it done in a timely manner.

      ·         If you are going to miss class for a field trip or school activity you are to upload it by the morning it is due.  If you miss class for an activity and homework is assigned, it is up to you to find out the assignment as it is still due on time along with the rest of the class. 

    8.       Grading policy:  The marking period grade is based on two components.  The weight of each is indicated:  Written Assessments (tests, quizzes, projects, warm ups, classwork, etc.): 80% and Homework:20%

    9.       Make-ups:  If a student is absent on the day a test is given, they have 5 school days in which to make it up.  The student must make arrangements for the make-up test on their first day back to school.

    10.    Extra Help:  I am available for extra help everyday from the start of ASP until 2:45.  It is a good idea for the student to let me know when they will be coming so that I do not over schedule