• SOTM Crest 2015
    May 2016
    OD Name:  Bryan O'Donnell
    Grade: 11
    Role Model:  My role model is my mom with the reason being that she has supported me since day one by always encouraging me to do things to the best of my ability. She has always been there for me in everything I have done.
    Teacher with the most impact:  A teacher that has had a major impact on me is Mrs. Burkley because she is always there to help, not just in math but in all subjects and has given me great life lessons. Also, Mrs. Martin has always believed in me and she knows that I can be successful in and out of the classroom. Finally, Mr. Amaral has had the biggest impact on me because he was always there for me.  It was not just about school as we would talk about personal things, such as what we did that previous weekend. Even though Mr. Amaral has switched schools, his confidence in me and his consistent caring for his students will always be available.
    Activities:  Conquer Cancer Club, Spring Track, Boy Scouts, and National Honors Society
    Future Goals/Plans:  My future goal in life is to go to the Air Force Academy and become a pararescueman in an effort to help people in need worldwide.
    Personal Quote:   "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step" - Lao Tzu
    Gomez Name:  Kristen Gomez
    Grade: 11
    Role Model:  My role model is my dad. He has taught me to always work my hardest, no matter what the task, and that anything is possible. I can always count on my dad to be there, supporting me, no matter what the event. He has always worked his hardest to allow me to have many opportunities in my life. Without him, there is no way I would be the person I am today.
    Teacher with the most impact:  My English 2 Honors and AP Psychology teacher Mr. Labush has had the biggest impact on me. Through his teaching style, he has expanded my interest in both literature and psychology. He taught me how to see different perspectives of the world through the books we read in his class. More importantly, Mr. Labush has taught me how important it is to have confidence in myself. My confidence grew through assignments and topics in his class, and this has led me to be more successful both in and out of the classroom. Mr. Labush has made me a more successful and confident person, which has had a major impact on my life.
    Activities:  Varsity Softball, National Honor Society, Model UN, Great Books, S.A.W.
    Future Goals/Plans:  I plan to attend college immediately after graduating high school, and then attend law school. I want to become a family lawyer or a civil rights attorney.
    Personal Quote:   "Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail" -Ralph Waldo Emerson