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NJ's Heroin Epidemic in Your Community

Every community is feeling the effects of the still-growing heroin epidemic in New Jersey.  As the first intensive outpatient program in the state to develop opiate-specific programming protocols, High Focus Centers continues to take a very serious stance in fighting back and trying to save each individual struggling with addiction to opiates. 

How do we Address the Risk of Relapse???

High Focus Centers has implemented very strict measures to ensure the safety of any opiate-addicted individual in our care: 

1. Mandatory Family or Home Sober Support Involvement  

For individuals in outpatient addiction treatment, the time spent outside of the treatment facility is as important to monitor as the time spent with clinical staff.  Communication between High Focus staff and outside supports will be mandatory.  Participation in our weekly Multi-Family Program, weekly phone or in-person direct contact, and involvement in weekend planning are all crucial components in reducing the risk of relapse.

2. Psychiatric Evaluations
The presence of a psychiatric diagnosis greatly raises risk of potential overdose.  All opiate clients who have a psychiatric history or are exhibiting symptoms will undergo an evaluation from a High Focus Centers psychiatrist.  If they are already working closely with a psychiatrist in the community, doctor to doctor consultations will always be initiated to ensure continuity in treatment and mitigation of risk.

3. Opiate-Specific Groups

Additional attention must be placed on issues specific to recovery from opiate addiction.  Clients in our opiate track will participate in groups that address these unique issues head on.

4. Assigned In-treatment Sober Support 
All opiate addicted clients will be assigned a High Focus "Mentor" - a committed peer support person with a minimum of 4 weeks clean time - who will be available to the client 24 hours per day to discuss urges and temptation from a peer-to-peer level.

 5. Enhanced Saturday Program   
Weekends tend to be the most challenging time for the client in early recovery.  A full IOP day will be offered every Saturday to help support the client in this challenging time

 6.  Medication Assisted Treatment  
High Focus has found that opiate clients in early recovery who are on addiction medication have a better chance at maintaining sobriety. Alleviating risk of relapse and overdose is THE top priority for these clients, so High Focus is embracing the use of Medication Assisted Treatment as a standard intervention in fighting the opiate epidemic.

Even as opiate addiction continues to take its toll in our communities, the staff at High Focus Centers believes there can be hope.  This belief is reflected in the dedication given to each individual who is in our care. 

High Focus Centers provides serious treatment.  Hold us to the highest clinical and ethical standards.

There are lives depending on it. 

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