The Baseball Carpenter Cup Classic, named for former Phillies' owners Bob and Ruly Carpenter, began in 1986 and is nationally recognized as a vehicle to help promote the top area high school baseball players. Each year more than 400 high school players from the tri-state area are able to showcase their skills in front of major league scouts and college/university coaches. The Carpenter Cup has been a catalyst for many players to receive scholarships or admission to some of the country's finest universities.
    1992 - Ira Tilton
    1993 - Ira Tilton 
    1993 - Emmett Idzahl 
    1998 - Marc Hunter 
    2002- Marc Hyndsman 
    2003- Marc Hyndsman 
    2008- Rob Corsi 
    2008- Todd Juliano 
    2009- Todd Juliano
    2014- Matt Cosentino 
    2015- James Kelly 
    Any information about past Carpenter Cup selections please email me at poneill@shoreregional.org