Credits:  6.0 (Year)

    Students develop an awareness of the order and the sensitive balance that regulate the life of all organisms. The relationship of people to plants and animals is studied. Other topics include human physiology, health, environment, and heredity. Students consider the application of biological principles to social and economic factors. Students use Internet and other technological resources to research various biological topics. Students participate in a double laboratory period each week. 
    Grading policy
    50% Tests and project average
             Top 3 test scores and project average 
    30% Lab average
              at least one lab activity per week, up to 20 per marking period
    20% Homework/classwork 
             About 10 per marking period 
    Classroom Policies
    ---Critical to success. Excessive absences will hind student progress
    Make up work
    ----If a student is absent and misses a lab or test, they have 5 days to make it up. The lab or test must be made up after school.
    ----Failure to make up the assignment will result in  a grade of a zero.
    Handing in of assignments
        Must be handed in on or before the due date for full credit. 
        Students may earn up to half credit for an assignment handed in 1 day late. After 1 day, no credit will be given.
    ****If a student is absent on the day homework is due, the assignment must be handed in upon their return to school for full credit.
       Turned in upon completion of the lab period. If extra time is needed to complete the lab report, it is  to be completed that night and  turned in the next day.
        Projects are assigned with at least 10 days to complete them, therefore, no project will be accepted beyond the due date.
        All written work for the project is to be typed.
    *****In the event of a student absence on the due date, the information must emailed to me no later than 10am. Failure to do so will result in a grade of zero being assigned. Any posters, pamphlets, etc. must be turned in upon the students return to school