Mistakes are Proof
  •     Assessments

    • Generally, tests will be given either at the end of each chapter.

    • You will get part of the block (usually 45 minutes) to complete and check over a test.

    • Quizzes will be given approximately once a week, covering two-three sections, and may take 20-35 minutes depending on the student. 

    • Partial credit will be given if I can follow your train of thought and your work is correct for what you did.
    • If you miss a test or quiz, excused or unexcused, you will make it up upon your return.  You may take a different version than the rest of the class.  You have 5 days to make up a missed test or quiz.

    • There will be a Midterm Exam in January and a Final Exam in June; these are each worth 10% of your cumulative grade.  
    • The math department has developed a uniform grading policy with the following weights: Homework/Classwork Assignments: 20%, Quizzes & Tests: 80%.