• Entering the Classroom
    Enter the classroom quietly and on time.
    Begin working on your do now. The question will be on the white board each day.
    If you need a pencil or pen, collect it from the shared bin on my desk.  Kindly return all borrowed pens at the end of class.
    After the bell 
    Once you are finished with the do now, have any homework from the night before on your desk.
    If you are late, take your seat and leave your pass on the desk.
    During classtime
     If you have a question during lecture or class discussions, raise your hand and wait to be called on. Be respectful of your classmates when they are asking questions.
    Ask questions related to the topic. If you have a question on another subject, please see me at the end of class.
    During class work
     During groupwork if you have a question, ask your group members first. 
    If you are asked for help, be polite and offer your best answer.
    During groupwork, talking should be no louder than a whisper.
    Put forth your best effort to finish all classwork on time.  
    If you are absent
     If you are absent it is your responsibility to make up the work. The google calendar has all the classroom information for each week.  
    If you miss a test or lab, you have one week to make it up.  Please see me directly about making these arrangements.
    Leaving the room
     If you need to use the restroom or see the nurse, please raise your hand and I will sign your agenda.  Only leave the room in cases of emergency.
     If you need extra help, do not hesitate to set up a conference with me. I am available for extra help after school.
    Homework will be written on the board each day as well as the google calendar.
    Be sure to place your complete name on all assignments.
    Late homework will not be accepted.  
    End of class
    If you finish with any work before class is ended, work quietly at your desk on another assignment.
    Be sure your desk is clean.
    Remain in your seats until the bell rings. 
    Push in your chairs.
    Following these procedures will allow the class to be productive and have a fun learning experience.  Let us enjoy the year!