• SADD Executive Board 2016 2017
    The students have elected to co-lead for each position this year.  All officers are senior class students. 
    President: Gabrielle Granier & Brooke Harrigan 
    Vice President:  Julianna Hansen-Fliedner & Samantha Slattery
    Secretary:  Danielle Fisher & Paige Sempkowki
    Treasurer:  Claire Aikins & Kristen Gomez
    2016 2017 Meeting Schedule:  
    First meeting:  Tuesday, September 20, 2016 during ASP in Room A4. 
                             Tuesday, October 4th in Room A4 during ASP. 
                             Tuesday, October 18th in Room A4 during ASP.
                             Tuesday, November 8th in Room A4 during ASP. 
                             Tuesday, November 22nd in room A4 during ASP. 
                             Tuesday, December 6th in room A4 during ASP.
                             Tuesday, December 20th in room A4 during ASP-Cancelled, meetings will resume in January 2017.
                             Tuesday, January 10th in room A4 during ASP (2:02pm to 2:25pm).
                             Tuesday, February 7th in room A4 during ASP. 

     ****If you have missed any meetings, you are still welcome to join.**** 
    We will be resuming the birthday bag for students who turn 17.  SADD has put together a birthday bag of various items a new driver may need.  Stay tuned for more information!!
    Heading over to Wolf Hill Elementary School on Friday, October 28th (9am to 10am) for some peer-to-peer mentoring and anti-bullying activties with the elementary students.
    We will also be visiting the middle school 8th grade students for a peer to peer session about what to expect in high school. 
    Monmouth Beach School:  Wednesday, December 14th, 10-11am
    Frank Antonides School:  Monday, December 5th, 12-1pm   
    Maple Place School:  Monday, December 12th, 8-9am 
    Week of Respect:  October 3rd through October 7th.   Daily Annoucements.
    Anti-Violence Awareness Week:  October 17th through October 21st.  Daily announcements and posted signs.
    Group Yearbook picture:  February 2017
    Maple Place DARE 5th grade graduation:  Friday, June 2, 2017.