• Algebra 2

    Mrs. Cocco

    Room C-8

     This course extends the skills developed in an introductory algebra course. New topics are often introduced through applications. Topics to be studied in-depth include: the quadratic formula, advanced factoring, nth order roots, radical equations, synthetic division, complex numbers, and sequences and series. Emphasis is also placed on SAT preparation. PREREQUISITE: Algebra I

    Text: Algebra 2, Blitzer

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    Preparedness for Class

     ·         You are to use a 3-ring binder for this class so that you can keep your notes, homework, and handouts in an orderly fashion. 

     ·         Bring your charged Chromebook, notebook, textbook, calculator (scientific or graphing), pencil, and eraser EVERY day!!

     ·         DATE ALL MATERIAL!! 

     ·         You MUST use PENCIL to do math work.  I WILL NOT accept work in PEN!!

     ·         You cannot go to your locker once you are in class! BRING EVERYTHING YOU NEED!!!!

     Homework Policy

     ·         Homework will be given several times a week. (See Google Classroom for actual assignments)  It is to be turned in electronically through Google classroom by 7:29 am on the day it is due--whether you are in school or not!!! Your grade will be based on completeness, not accuracy, so it is better to try than to leave answers blank.  However, your work must look like you actually tried!

     ·         It is your job to upload it before the day starts.  You will receive a zero even if it’s done, but not turned in electronically.

      ·         If you have an unexcused absence, your homework for that day is an automatic 0.

     ·         If you are in class when the homework is assigned, you are responsible for handing it in on it's due date, regardless of whether you are there or not.

     ·         If you are going to miss class for a field trip or school activity you still to upload the work before the day begins. If you miss class for an activity and homework is assigned, it is up to you to find out the assignment as it is still due with the rest of the class.

     Tests & Quizzes

     ·         Tests will be given either at the end of each chapter or halfway through long chapters. 

     ·         Quizzes will be given approximately once a week (about 2 or 3 sections)

     ·         Partial credit will be given if I can follow your train of thought and your work is correct for what you did

     ·         If you miss a test or quiz you will take a different version than the rest of the class.  You have 5 days to make up a missed test or quiz on your own time (NOT IN CLASS!)

    Grading System

     ·         I will be using a point system for your marking period grade, but then the points will be weighted

     o    Written work (tests, quizzes, projects, warm-ups, classwork, etc.) counts for 60%

     o    Homework counts for 20%

     o    Quarterly Assessment counts for 20%  

     ·         The total amount of points will vary by marking period but the items will always be worth the following:

                       Test:  100 points     Quiz: 50 points     Homework: 10 points     Warm-Ups: 10

    Extra Help:  Before school (7 - 7:30) and ASP - 2:45

    Contact Information

     Phone: 732-222-9300 x 5308 (voicemail)      Email: acocco@shoreregional.org

    School Rules:  Review school handbook for school rules.

    Ways to Be Successful

     1.     Be on time                                                      2. Never laugh at a classmate

     3.    Raise hand to ask or answer questions          4. Watch your language