In keeping with our "Students First" mission, educator evaluations are a critical component among many that contribute to the success of our students. We view evaluations as a process to share, discuss, and implement best practices in every classroom.  In short, this process lends itself to valuing the effective and highly effective practices our educators are utilizing and to designing professional development opportunities to further growth.  
    Several years ago, the New Jersey Department of Education began to reform educator evaluations. That reform addressed the quality and quantity of educator observations and evaluations. The initiative emerged from President Obama's administration via the Secretary of Education. As part of a waiver for states to remove themselves from the No Child Left Behind policies, states were to create an evaluation system that met specific criteria.
    In our districts, we collaborated with our staff when selecting our evaluation tools. Over the course of several months, we selected tools that would result in a common evaluative experience in each of our schools. In our district, we use the Danielson Framework for Teacher Evaluation and the Stronge Principal Evaluation Model.  
    Staff performance represents part of the overall evaluation. The remaining percentages are based on student achievement data.  These percentages are determined by the New Jersey Department of Education as part of TEACHNJ legislation and Achieve NJ guidelines. 
    Questions regarding this information can be directed to the Office of Curriculum and Instruction.