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    Name: Mr. Jeff Labush   
    Email Address: jlabush@shoreregional.org
    Phone number:732-222-9300 ext. 4050

     AP Psychology is a rigorous, college-oriented course that will introduce students to the systematic and scientific study of the behavior and mental processes of both animals and human beings. Students will be exposed to the various approaches, philosophies, facts, phenomena, and principles associated with the field of psychology. The course traces the origins of scientific psychology from the 19th Century, covering the changes and evolution made, methods of research, statistics, a study of the brain and nervous system, sensation and perception, states of consciousness, cognition, learning, emotion, motivation, personality, abnormal psychology, disorders, treatments, and social psychology.

    No prerequisites are required for the course, and all curious, motivated students are encouraged to enroll. 
    The grading policy is based off of a points-based system, where each assessment will be assigned a point value. The basis of a student's grade will be made up from: quizzes, tests, written analyses, and projects.
    AP Psychology Summer Assignment

    Outline Chapter 1 of the textbook

    Hand write Unit 1 vocabulary

    Read Look Me in the Eye and write three reactions to aspects of the book that you felt strongly about. Please make them genuine, and yes, first person is allowed. 

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