The Shore Regional Educational Foundation recognizes that the educational aspirations and dreams for our children cannot be limited by budgetary constraints and fiscal allocations.  Our purpose is to provide additional resources to assure continued educational excellence at Shore Regional High School.  The Foundation operates as a non-profit organization independent of the Shore Regional High School Board of Education.  The Foundation’s main goal is to raise financial resources for our school through community/social partnerships, which will provide a vehicle to benefit projects and programs that will lead us into the next century.  Through you support, we hope to provide our children with the necessary tools and encouragement to enrich their lives and the quality of education offered by Shore Regional High School.


                The Foundation’s mission is to raise funds and otherwise obtain resources to promote excellence in education by:


    Ø  Fostering creativity and promoting innovative programs

    Ø  Generating public support for the benefit of quality educational programs

    Ø  Developing partnerships with individuals, businesses and other benefactors of education


    Areas supported by the Foundation would include but not be limited to:

    Technology and Learning                            Careers and Vocations

    Arts and Education                                        Cultural Enrichment

    Scholastic Enrichment Grants                    Facilities Improvement



                                                    FOUNDATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS


                            Thomas Duffy                                    Patricia Pfleger

    Joseph F. Lagrotteria                       Pauline Poyner

    Mary Lynn Mango                             James Ronan

    Valerie Manzo                                    Donna Ruane

    Edward J. Miller                                  


                The Directors and committee members of the Foundation are committed to maintaining and improving the educational excellence of Shore Regional High School.


                The governing body is comprised of members of the community from business, industry and the professions.


               Contributions made to the Foundation are eligible for the maximum allowable federal tax deduction.  For more information, or to make a contribution or to volunteer your help, please contact Tom Farrell, Superintendent, Shore Regional High School, 132 Monmouth Park Highway, West Long Branch, New Jersey 07764-1396 (732) 222-9300 ext. 2030.