Name: Jack Donegan
    Grade: 11
    Role Model:  My grandfather was my inspiration for me. I have always heard of how kind and friendly he was to everyone. He had a way of seeing the beauty in everyone and ignored their flaws. I felt that it was a great way to see things and so I decided to follow in his footsteps. 
    Teacher with the most impact:  All of my teachers have impacted me. If some had to impact me more than others, I would say my previous science teachers (Mrs. Murray, Mr. Santangelo, Mr. Aprahamian, and Ms. Aue) and my art teachers (Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Bertolami). Their personalities inspired me to also be the fun-loving guy that I am.
    Activities: I am involved with Spring Track & Field and Bowling.
    Future Goals/Plans:  
    I plan on going to college and majoring in film production. I plan on getting a job as either a director, editor, 3D designer, or special effects for the film industry. 
    Personal Quote:  Patience is a gift given to those with selfless intentions


    Name:  Megen Wellinghorst
    Grade:  11