JK Name: Jessica Kwok
    Grade: 11
    Role Model:  My role model is my mom. Whenever I need someone for help, an opinion, or simply a laugh, I can always count on my mom. She is such a talented person, from her wisdom to her creativity, and at the same time, a phenomenal mom, putting her family always first. She has taught me to always try my best and I hope to be as successful as her.
    Teacher with the most impact:  
    All of my teachers have had an impact on me in some way, but if I had to pick one, I would choose Mrs. Koontz. I had Mrs. Koontz freshman year, first period for English. She was my very first impression of Shore. As a nervous freshman, her positivity and compassion for her students made me immediately comfortable and she is the one who inspired me to get involved in the school. I cannot thank her enough!
    Activities: I am involved in the school’s gymnastics team, spring track team (pole vaulting), Interact Club, Yearbook, and The Beacon. Also, outside of school, I do gymnastics at Aerials Gymnastics.
    Future Goals/Plans:  My future goal is to attend a four-year college. I’m currently undecided with my major, so I hope to explore the possibilities in college.
    Personal Quote: “So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling, because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.” –Marilyn Monroe


    MM Name:  Mark Massaro
    Grade:  12

    Role Model:    I'd have to say my parents are my role models. I've learned a lot of things from them that no teacher could ever teach me. Hopefully, I will end up living a similar life to that of my parents.

    Teacher(s) with the most impact:  All my teachers at Shore have had an impact on me. Although, there are a few that stand out in my mind; Mrs. Cook, Mr. Wishart, and Ms. McGowan. Mrs. Cook was probably the nicest teacher I had for my freshman year, and I also did really in Biology so that made me enjoy the class even more. I have had Mr. Wishart more than once for history and he has made it the most interesting subject for me. He brings a lot of energy to the class room and he's also a cool guy. Mrs. McGowan is my swim coach and my past physics teacher. She has helped me throughout my years at Shore Regional.
    Activities: Captain of the Swim Team and involved in Shore Players.
    Future Goals/Plans:  Go to college, learn some new things, make some new friends, and figure out what else life has to offer.
    Quote:  "Timing is everything."