MH Name: Mike Hurley
    Grade: 12
    Role Model:  My brother, Joe Farrell. He's always been right there with me and he's taught me so much over the years.
    Teacher with the most impact:  Mr. Osis taught me to be passionate about what you do. Everyday he has fun teaching and you can see he loves his job.
    Activities: Soccer, hockey, spring track, FCA, National Honor Society
    Future Goals/Plans:  I plan on studying International Affairs and pursuing a career in diplomacy. I also plan on studying multiple foreign languages.
    Personal Quote:  "Let me live so when it's time to die even the Reaper cries. Let me die so when it's time to live another sun will rise." -Red Hot Chili Peppers


    AS Name:  Annie Siegel
    Grade:  12

    Role Model:    My role models would have to be my parents. Not only have they loved and supported me my whole life, but they taught me that hard work and perseverance are the keys to success and happiness when reaching for your goals.

    Teacher(s) with the most impact:  The teachers that have had the most impact on me, as a student, would have to be Ms. Bahrs and Mrs. Ross. They have been my English teachers for the past two years, not to mention advisors for the Great Books Group. Both Ms. Bahrs and Mrs. Ross inspired me have a love of reading and of learning, and they are the primary reason I will be pursuing either a minor or a double major in English in college. 
    Activities: National Honor Society, SADD, Math League, F.O.R., Mock Trial, Great Books Group, The Beacon.
    Future Goals/Plans:  My future plans include attending a four year university majoring in either Comparative Human Development or Psychology. I hope to graduate on time and then go on to receive a Master's Degree in Psychology. From there I would like to become either a registered psychologist, or another profession in the clinical psychology field.
    Quote:  “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light.” - Albus Dumbledore