• Senior Portrait Information

    Photo Company: Lors Photography

    Email Address: customerservice@lorsstudio.com

    Website: http://www.lorsstudio.com/


    Already Photographed:

    If your student got their picture taken in the spring, you should have received their proofs in the mail. 

    If you are happy with the pictures, you can order in one of the following ways:

    1. By Mail: Order form and instructions enclosed in your proof set

    2. By Phone: Call (801) 948-3200


    If your student got their picture taken and you are NOT happy with them, then YOU need to schedule a make-up portrait session:

    At Shore Regional on October 17th in the RTO.  Call (908) 964-0847 for an appointment.


    Not Yet Photographed:

    If your student did NOT get their picture taken in the spring or summer, then he or she will automatically be rescheduled for a new session on October 17th.  To change your appointment log on to www.lorsstudio.com/scheduleor. If they miss that appointment, they will be left out of the yearbook.  So, please make sure your student is in school those days and more importantly, remembers their appointment!



    Will need to select which picture they want to go in the yearbook. Please let the photo company know ASAP which picture your student would like to be used in the yearbook.  The deadline for this is December 8th.  If you don’t select on time, the company will choose for you.


    If you have any other questions or comments, please contact Mrs. Cocco at acocco@shoreregional.org or

    732-222-9300 x 5308.




    Andrea Cocco

    Voyager Advisor