• Summer 2022


    Dear Senior Class Parents/Guardians,


    We are currently in the process of working on the 2023 yearbook.  We would like to offer an opportunity for you to send a special message to your graduate in the baby page section.  There are two options to choose from, which are described below.


    Option 1:  Eighth Page Ad

    The cost for this option is $20.  It includes one picture of your choice and a short message.


    Option 2: Quarter Page Ad

    The cost for this option is $40.  It includes up to 2 – 3 pictures of your choice and a short message.


    If you choose to participate, please do one of the following:

    1. Email the message to acocco@shoreregional.org and then mail or hand deliver the picture(s), check and Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to Shore Regional 

    2. Email the message and picture(s) scanned as .jpeg file(s) at 300 dpi to acocco@shoreregional.org and then mail the check to Shore Regional.

    3. Mail the picture(s), message, check, and self addressed stamped envelope to Shore Regional.

    4. Put the picture(s), message, check, and self addressed stamped envelope in my mailbox in the main office at Shore Regional.


    * YOU MUST INCLUDE AN EMAIL ADDRESS WITH ALL ORDERS! You will get a confirmation email from me saying I received your stuff and then you will get an email with a proof of your ad that you will need to approve.*


    Make Check Payable: SRHS Yearbook

    Mailing Address:

              Andrea Cocco

              Shore Regional High School

              132 Monmouth Park Hwy

              West Long Branch, NJ 07764



    • There is no form to fill out.
    • Pictures MUST be 3 x 5 or bigger
    • Pictures must be not cut or cropped (must be rectangular)
    • Pictures cannot be copyrighted (professional pictures of which you do not have the rights)
    • There is the possibility that pictures may get misplaced so please don’t turn in something you can’t live without
    • Put your name on the back of each hardcopy submitted
    • There are limited space available of each size, so this will be done on a first come first serve basis
    • All costs go to pay for the processing of the baby pages in the yearbook.
    • Payment must be made in the form of exact cash or a check/money order payable to SRHS Yearbook.
    • If you would like your photo returned, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope big enough to fit your photos.
    • DUE DATE: 9/30  (until I run out of space)


    If you have questions please feel free to contact Mrs. Cocco at acocco@shoreregional.org or 732-222-9300 x 5308.


    Thank you in advance for your support of the 2023 Voyager.



    Andrea Cocco

    Voyager Advisor