Italian IB 12
    Welcome back for another year of Italian! This year, we will build on
    what you learned in Italian I, II and III in our new book, Immagina.
    In Italian IB, you will develop the ability to communicate in the target language through the study of the Italian language, themes and texts. In doing so, you will also develop conceptual understandings of how language works. Communication is evidenced through receptive/interpretive, productive/presentational and interactive/interpersonal skills across a range of contexts and purposes that are appropriate to the level of the course. A key aim of the course is to develop international-mindedness through the study of the Italian language, culture, and ideas and issues of global significance.
    Get ready to enjoy more about the great Italian culture!
    A Google Classroom page with homework and assignments
    has been shared with each class.
    Please feel free to email me at eminze@shoreregional.org for "guardian" access to the page.