Thank you to everyone who auditioned for The Breakfast Club!

    You made our decisions extraordinarily difficult in an extraordinary year. We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to share a theater experience together this fall, even as we must keep the number of participants small. We appreciate your support and understanding, and look forward to welcoming more Shore Players to our stage in the future.  


    December 4th, 5th, and 6th - Friday and Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 2pm

    **Attendance is MANDATORY for Tech Week (November 29th through December 3rd) and ALL performances.

    Questions? Email shoreplayers@shoreregional.org 

    The Breakfast Club Character Descriptions 


    John Bender "The Criminal" - He serves as the anti-hero. He shows no respect towards anyone, especially the teachers and school property. By the end he begins to accept the idea of kindness, and starts showing it to the others.
    Claire Standish "The Princess" - She is one of the most popular girls in school. Claire expresses her opinions through modesty, which positions the other characters to see her as rude and very stuck up. She is very immature and naive but tries to act older and "cool". Claire still has feelings but cares too much about maintaining her status at school.
    Brian Johnson "The Nerd" - He has definitely faced his share of hard times at high school. For Brian, all he wants is acceptance - from anyone. He learns it is most important to accept himself. 
    Andrew Clark "The Jock" - He can't think for himself and just does what other people tell him to do. Andrew accepts the fact that he doesn't even like wrestling and his dad just pressures him into it.
    Allison Reynolds "The Basketcase" - She is seen as weird and doesn't fit in with others at school. She discovers that her unhappiness in her home life is not her fault and that everyone has problems at home. 
    Richard Vernon "The Vice Principal" - Mr. Vernon is a strict and no-nonsense person, who does not take kindly to jokes around him. He is the main antagonist of the story.
    Carl Reed "The Janitor" - A job he seems to hate. He claims to be the eyes and ears of the institution.
    The Storyteller - Someone to read the stage direction we won't be seeing who sets the stage and helps keep the story moving forward.