• SRHS Players Present: Sweet Charity

    West Long Branch: This past weekend, the Shore Regional High School Players presented “Sweet Charity,” a story about a veteran “taxi dancer” at the Fandango Ballroom in New York City in the 1960’s.

    The play was based on the original screenplay written by: Federico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli, and Ennio Plaiano. The play was directed by Todd Aikens and produced by Randee Skloff.   The cast, in order of appearance, was Julianna Bristol (Charity Hope Valentine), Robbie Mills, (Charlie), Chris Primavera, Hannah Stone (Nickie), Emily Mitro (Helene), Michael Sweeney (Herman), Taylor Lopez (Ursula), Luke Sweeney (Vittorio Vidal), Liza Amador (Frug Dancer), Isabella Mansfield (Betsy), Zachary Arlt (Manfred), Bailey Warder (YMCA Receptionist), and Jake Cammeron (Ocscar Linquist),

    Charity’s escapades, outlandish as they seem, make easy stories that are humorous, sympathetic, and sometimes empathic.   As Charity continues to make “questionable” choices about most things in her life she is presented with real life problems. With little money, little stability, and little hope for finding a man she continues to with her naïve ways only to hit rock bottom before even knowing it. Although down, Charity is never out. Her constant positive outlook coupled with a zest for life makes her the character engaging and entertaining.

    As the story continues, Charity’s life story becomes more and more interesting on many levels. From her chance encounter with film star Vittorio Vidal to being stuck in an elevator with Oscar Lindquist, Charity’s life is never boring.


    Finally beginning to open up, Charity and Oscar begin dating. Embarrassed by her line of work, Charity lies to Oscar about working at the Fandango and says that she works at a bank. Several weeks pass and Charity and Oscar continue dating; however, this time they are at Coney Island when tragedy strikes again. Stuck on an elevated ride, Charity realizes that she may be beginning to depend on Oscar and instead of telling Oscar the truth; she masks her true profession for one last time. But little did she know that Oscar already knew the truth.  Having following her to the Fandango and watching her Dance, Oscar knew what Charity does for a living.  Having developed feelings for Charity, Oscar was able to accept her profession and even believed that he wanted to marry Charity.

    Meanwhile things go south at the Fandango. Upset with the business, the clientele, and the men, Charity quits. After a brief goodbye party, Charity leaves the Fandango one last time to meet up with her new fiancé Oscar.

    Upset by the men in her life and her line of work, the once forgiving Oscar was not able to move past Charity’s past lifestyle.   Back in the park where the play began, Oscar pushes Charity into the lake once again, leaving her behind. However, this time, her bags and belongings were not stolen. “And so she lived … hopefully … ever after."