• Physical Education Medical Excuse Guidelines


    Objective of Policy:

    • To have all Health and PE department teachers follow the same medical policy.
    • To clarify what to do in different medical situations.
    • To provide alternative assignments for those students who are held out of activity with medical excuses for various durations.
    • To provide assignments that can be utilized in various units
    • To create a grading policy for medically excused students.

    Overview of Policy:

    • A student can be excused for up to two (2) days for a medical condition with a parent/guardian note.  Students are not required to change but must participate and complete an alternative assignment for daily credit. The teacher should instruct the student as to what their assignment for the day (or two) will be.
    • A student that has a medical condition that exceeds two (2) days must submit a doctor’s excuse to the nurse’s office.  The nurse will interpret the doctor’s note and inform the teacher of the extent of the medical excuse from PE. No teacher should accept a doctor’s note. These notes must be documented in the nurse’s office.
    • Students whose condition/medical excuse exceeds 2 weeks (10 class periods) can be assigned to study hall at the teacher’s discretion. If not assigned to a study hall for the duration of the medical excuse the student must report to class each day. They are not responsible for changing if medically excused.
    • Students must complete assignments that correlate to the number of days missed from class. Ex. If a student is out for 5 days they must complete an assignment that is worth 5 days according to the Unit Assignments Chart. It could be one 5-day assignment or a combination of two 2-day assignments and one 1-day assignment.
    • Student and teacher will complete the medical assignment contract prior to determining medical assignments for the student.  The medical assignment contract will include: the assignment, date it was assigned, due date, grade, and written feedback for the student.
    • Grades will be logged on the medical assignment contract (cover page).  The teacher will be responsible for grading the assignment within a week of the date it is received. The grade will be recorded and written feedback from the teacher reflecting on the assignment will all be provided on the medical assignment contract.  Copies of the contract and grade will be kept in hard copy by the teacher and submitted into Gradequick as the grade for the student as a supplement to the regular physical education material. 

    Information needed to determine medical assignments:

    1. Course/Unit
    2. Type of Medical Condition
    3. Duration of Medical Excuse

    A.  Course/Unit


    Teachers will identify the course and unit that the student will be missing and assign that topic for the alternative assignments. Teachers will identify the corresponding course/unit proficiencies that will be met for the duration of the excuse.  Students will be responsible for any written assignments that the class completes while they are on a medical excuse. They will also take the final and midterm exams.



    B.  Type of Medical Condition 

    Teachers will have an understanding of the student’s medical condition as explained in a parent/guardian note, school health office medical excuse, and/or communication with the student.  Teachers will determine, based on this information, the degree of alternative assignment that is needed to meet the daily course proficiencies.

    C.  Duration of Medical Excuse

    Teachers will refer to the parent/guardian note or the school nurse’s office medical excuse to determine the duration that the student will be medically excused.  The length of the excuse will determine the assignment given to the student.  

    ***If the medical excuse exceeds two weeks the student may be placed in a study hall to complete written alternative assignments. 


    General Guidelines for implementing alternative assignments for medical excuses:

    1.       Communicate with the student

    2.      Refer to medical condition and duration

    3.      Student and teacher collaborate to select the assignment.

    a.      Determine the course and the appropriate assignments to choose from according to the Unit Assignments Chart or create your own assignment.

    b.      Students will be responsible for completing assignments that correspond with the number of days missed due to the medical excuse. (EX. 7 day medical excuse from class would result in the completion of a 5 Day and a 2 Day assignment for the corresponding unit)

                                                                              i.      The following is a formula to help determine what type of assignments students should be completing during their medical excuse.

    Total Days Out:

    1-10 days: Choose a combination of days that equal the number of days the students is out. Either unit or fitness assignments are appropriate. Due Dates are variable and are up to the teachers discretion.


    10+ days: At least ¼ of the days out MUST be designated to fitness assignments.

    Ex. 12 days out~ ¼ = 3 days of fitness assignments and 9 days of unit assignments.

    Ex. 10 days out~ ¼= 2.5days which will equal 3 days of fitness assignments and 7 days of unit assignments.


    4.      Explain the assignment to the student

    5.      Determine due dates and complete the medical contract.

    6.      Collect and review the assignment

    7.      Determine whether or not the assignment met the objectives and learning targets.

    8.     Grading the assignment~ the grade and written feedback will be logged on the medical excuse contract.  Medical Assignments should be graded within one week of the date they are received.

    9.      Helpful tips~


    a.      Communicate with parent/guardian for extenuating circumstances.

    b.      Keep the counselor in the loop if the student is not completing their work.  

    c.       Monitor student progress for excuses/assignments with extended lengths

    d.      Communicate with student through conversation and e-mail