• BD Name: Brendan Dula
    Grade: 12
    Role Model:  My Dad.
    Teacher with the most impact:  My AP Biology teacher, Mr. Santangelo, has had the most impact on me.  His class taught me the importance of hard-work and how it leads to success.
    Mock Trial
    Ski Club
    Future Goals/Plans:  Play football and succeed in college
    Personal Quote:
    “Pride and Poise"

    AJ Name:  Aileen Johnson
    Grade:  12

    Role Model:  My role model is my Aunt Kathleen. She was an All-American field hockey player at Shore and continued on to play at Princeton University. She was a very talented athlete who went on to the national team and now runs a very successful business. I hope one day that I will be able accomplish as much as she has and acquire the same strong qualities she possesses.            

    Teacher(s) with the most impact: The teachers that impacted my life the most are Ms. Bahrs and Coach Williams. Ms. Bahrs was my english teacher Sophomore and Junior year. She was always enthusiastic and motivated the class to be the best students we could be. Ms. Bahrs is a caring person who showed me how to analyze writing and read thoroughly. I cant thank her enough for preparing me for the next step in my life, college. Coach Williams has impacted my life through field hockey. She was my varsity coach for four years and made me into the player I am today. Coach proved to the team and I that through hard work and dedication we would be able to succeed. Our perserverance payed off in the end and became State Champions.           
    Activities:  I participate in Student Council as the Corresponding secretary, Honors Society, a huddle leader for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), and the Sports Involvement Club in school. Out of school I play on a club field hockey team called Jersey Intensity year round. I was also selected to be on the under 21 Junior National squad that trains at the Olympic Training center and I will hopefully make the team in January to travel to England for an expedition tournament. I am also a member of the knitting club. 
    Future Goals/Plans:  In the future I hope to win a National Championship at Duke for field hockey. I hope that I will continue on the path with the national team and get the opportunity to participate in the Olympics. I plan on receiving a degree from Duke and have a successful career.    
    Quote:   "It does not matter how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get up."  -Vince Lombardi