• Dear Parents and Students of Shore Regional,

    Welcome back! My name is Mr. Lawrence and I will be your dance teacher for the year.  I would like to address some of the procedures and expectations for Shore Dance.

    Content COVERED: Dance is an artistic expression of the body. It is learned through practical application. The goal of dance training is to provide dance as a pleasurable art experience. Dancers will develop dance vocabulary, build loco motor skills, technical skills and theory, gain knowledge of human anatomy and dance history, create dances, and connect movement phrases. Students are introduced to different dance styles via original dance combinations and video as featuring professional dancers/dance companies. Class activities include: warm up exercises, movement phrases, improvisation, choreography, partnering, dance vocabulary and history, solo and group performances, media and dance, human anatomy and health and demonstration and critiques of choreography via performance and video.

    Expectations: Every student is expected to attend class on time and be prepared, participate positively and work to his or her highest potential on a daily basis. Students are required and expected to change for dance class everyday, as well as complete all assignments and projects in a timely basis. Grading Breakdown for Dance Lab and Dance Elements is as follows:

    Dance Lab

    Elements of Dance

    Participation 80%

    Participation 70%

    Exams/Tests 20%

    Exams/Tests 30%

    Participation: Regular attendance is imperative in dance class.  Because dance is learned through practical application, it is necessary for each student to physically participate in every class. Participation includes wearing appropriate attire, arriving on time, warming up, reviewing all movement material, and conducting a positive learning attitude. Observation/Alternate assignment is only allowed in the case of illness excused by a doctor’s note.  A Participation grade will be given for each student. Each student starts the marking period with 100 points for Participation (an “A”). Students can lose points off this grade through the following:

    Unprepared procedures

    1st unprepared = -5 points

    2nd unprepared =-5 points

    3rd unprepared = -5 points

    4th unprepared = -5 points and parent notification

    5th unprepared = -10 points and referral to school Administration


    Non - Participation

    • A student must participate for the entire class period to receive participation credit.
    • A student will lose 2 points for the first two classes they do not participate in, after 2 classes students will begin to lose 4 points.
    • A student who does not participate in the full warm up and stretch will lose 1 point.


    Following Directions
    • A student participating in such a manner that hinders the good, and welfare of the student or other students will lose 4 points.


    Lates & Absences

    • Students must be sitting in their assigned squad when entering the dance room. 1 point will be deducted from the student’s grade each time they are not in the correct squad.
    • A student who is late for class will lose 1 point.
    • After 5 excused absents a student will lose 2 points for each class.
    • Each unexcused absence is a -3 but may be made up after school.



    • Student must be dressed for class and report to their teacher with their medical excuse.
    • Students must change their clothes even with a medical excuse.
    • When illness/injury lasts longer than 4 days, a doctor’s note must be presented to the school nurse.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to return to the class at the conclusion of the excuse.
    • A release from the school nurse is required to return to class.
    • Long-term medical excused students will be placed in study hall.
    • Students are required to take written exam if they are present for at least 50% of the course.


    Under no circumstance may a student miss class in order to finish an assignment or get extra help in another class, unless approved by the dance teacher in advance.


    Locks & Lockers

    • Students will be issued their own lock and locker.
    • All belongings must be kept locked in a locker at all times.
    • Long lockers are for class use only. Locks left on long lockers will be removed at the end of that day. Return your belongings to the small assigned locker and secure it with the combination lock.


    Dressing For Class

    • Students must change into shorts or sweats with an appropriate T-shirt or sweatshirt.
    • Cut off shorts or those with buckles, loops, or zippers are not permitted.
    • If it’s not allowed to be worn in school, it cannot be worn in dance class.
    • Athletic socks and sneakers (with Laces) must be worn. Student can choose to dance bare foot.

    Shoes, Boots, Uggs, Sandals, and Flip Flops are unacceptable.

    No Half Credit!


    Class Procedures

    • Students should be in locker room when bell rings.
    • Students will be given 5 Minutes to change and use the bathroom.
    • Students will be expected to line up for attendance, warm up, stretch and perform skills across the floor. Lectures and films are a part of the class.
    • No foods or drinks are permitted in class.
    • Absolutely no electronics are allowed in dance class. Cell phones, ipods, and games will be taken be the teacher and turned into the Vice Principal.

    Thank You,

    Mr. Lawrence Edwards